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  1. @Hargus56 thanks for the input! Funny you should say that, since I was eyeing up Mei Feng's box as a purchase somewhere down the line. I figured that there was some synergy to be had with the HR Monks in Shen's box and a lot of her thematic crew.
  2. @Da Git that was pretty much my reasoning for the Samurai, though I've heard great things about the Snipers too. Does anyone have a kind of break down of what scenarios they would use each of them in? Or do most people tend to stick with one of them for most situations? Looking back on this as a whole, what I'm gathering is that I have: -Plenty of support options between LR Monks, Yu, Tannen, and Shen when I use him. -Scheming ability between the 10T Bros, LR Monks, and marker pushes from WR Style (with some anti-scheme runner potential with the HR Monks and Bros). -Some ranged and midfield presence with either the Snipers or Samurai. -Second line beaters between Graves (who also brings bonus movement potential) and possibly the Illuminated. So really, would it be valid to say that what I'm missing most at the moment is a more frontline beatstick with more damage potential (i.e. Yas and Izamu)? If this is the case, who would you guys recommend for this role? Do any other models fit this role in the same way they do? I ask mainly because 10T players are in short supply in my local meta, and quite a lot of similar threads are from several waves ago at this stage, so aside from a few dual faction models making appearances I have very little to go on in terms of the shape of the faction. Thanks again for the advice everyone, it's really helpful so far!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys! @whodares I planned to use Graves for exactly that sort of thing while settling in (as a familiar model), though I'm gathering that another min 3 beater will be needed. Does anyone here have any experience with the Crime Bosses? The card draw seems really nice for both Lynch and Shen, and a lack of anti armour is largely what's kept me divided between the Samurai and Snipers. Will probably try and borrow my mate's Izamu for a game or two as well. Spot on observation about me considering the WR Monks. I enjoyed messing around with Silurids in NB, and I'm not used to models like Shen or Yu with WR style that can push markers around if need be.
  4. This leads me onto another question, how does Mr Graves hold up in 10T? He makes it into most of my NB lists for a nice balance of melee presence and utility, just wandering how he compares, especially since I'm lacking some close range damage. Are the Samurai in reliable in a similar role? Thinking with the built in armour ignoring and decent triggers with the Favour of Heaven for a speed buff. Thanks for the advice so far though, will definitlely proxy Yas and the Emmissary in for some games ☺
  5. Greetings Thunderers, Been a dedicated NB player since I picked up the game (start of wave 2), but have decided I want a change of scenery so to speak. Since I already have Lynch and his thematic crew, who are quite capable at killing, I was looking to get a more supporty master to balance it out, amd have decided to give Shenlong a try. So basically, I was thinking over picking up: -Temple of the Dawn box - 10T Bros -Samurai or Katanaka Snipers -Low or Wandering River Monks Is this a decent starting point? Are there any obvious roles that I'm missing across the two crews? Which of the last models would you suggest and why? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to bringing the Thunder!
  6. Hi all, Been a while since I invested in a crew box and was thinking about Lucius after hearing some good things post-errata. Wondering if anyone here has found any particular models or combos that work well with him? I've noticed on the other threads some of the Fae models have had interesting results. I've already got: - Pandora's box (Favourite dumb joke in this game) -Lynch's box -Lilith's box -Graves, Teddy, Nekima, Weaver, Beckoners, Waldgiest, Madnesses, Depleted, Doppelganger, Iggy Not looking to power play or get the most efficient combos per se, just curious to try some interesting and fun crews with him. Don't mind venturing into a few Guild models to make use of Surprisingly Loyal since that alone I feel can make for a very different style of NB crew. Thanks in advance!
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