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Found 6 results

  1. Ok, so I've no idea who is good with what, so far Ive been just buying the stuff I think looks cool. Outside master starter sets and the new forthcoming alternate masters, what are some good units to go with what I have so far? Original Ramos box, electric creation, Ash & dust, Lazarus, 2 mechanical spiders, Scorpious, Blessed of December, Marcus M3E starter, Misaki 2nd E starter, Mei Feng, 6 metal Gaimen, rail golem, Dawn serpent, yan Lo 3rd ed starter, 1st edition arcanist effigey (book headed book guy), stuffed doll, and a single fire gamin local store has some clearance bundles for ten thunder that have some Jorugomo and river monks but other than that Im not sure what non masters to pick up, or are more masters the best way forward?
  2. Hey guys! So there seems to be some buzz building up around the 3e release in my area and it seems like its finally gonna be plausible to get a weekly game in.Jumping on the bandwagon I've started looking into picking up several crews for myself as well as doing some demos around here. So started looking into the upcoming launch and honestly got a bit overwhelmed on how to go about it, noticed a few of the boxes have had their contents changed while some are getting re sculpted or even having their factions switched around. Adding to the confusion, I've seen a few retailers doing some big discounts on the 2e models and boxes making me wonder if it worth picking those up now as opposed to waiting for the updated ones to come out. Also if anyone can recommend 3-4 crew boxes that you feel have a good balance between all three as well as being noob friendly as I might have two demo tables in an upcoming local event Thanks!
  3. Greetings Thunderers, Been a dedicated NB player since I picked up the game (start of wave 2), but have decided I want a change of scenery so to speak. Since I already have Lynch and his thematic crew, who are quite capable at killing, I was looking to get a more supporty master to balance it out, amd have decided to give Shenlong a try. So basically, I was thinking over picking up: -Temple of the Dawn box - 10T Bros -Samurai or Katanaka Snipers -Low or Wandering River Monks Is this a decent starting point? Are there any obvious roles that I'm missing across the two crews? Which of the last models would you suggest and why? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to bringing the Thunder!
  4. So before I do a test run of some Guild Masters at my FLGS tomorrow I’d like the Bureaucracy’s take on it. The ones I’m looking at are: Lady J, Hoffman, and Sonnia Some models I’ve bought already just to have some extras that I like the look of and how they work: Sue, Exorcists, Sanctioned Spellcasters, Allison Dade, and the Brutal Emissary. Thanks in advance
  5. New to Malifaux, and new to this forum! And that of course means I'm full of questions! But first some background: I have managed to rope some friends into playing both Malifaux and Infinity with me, if I supply both sides of the fight. I see this as a win-win, as I get an excuse for some hobby expenditure with the added motivation that I'll have an opponent ready once the figures are ready! Recently, I got to actually play a few games of Malifaux using the starter box and its two 4-man crews. I was hooked, and I want more. While I do want to just grab whichever Crew looks the coolest, I do want to keep in mind that I'm actually looking to get two Crew boxes. Not only that, but optimally I want two Crew boxes that would result in interesting games when pitted against each other. Any recommendations on two (or more) Crews that are newbie friendly and that could give interesting games when pitted against each other? I want the sessions I can get out of these Crews to really sell the game of Malifaux to those that I invite over to play. Cheers!
  6. Hey everyone! I have been playing Warmachine for a little over 2 years now, have a regular play night and make it out to cons and tourneys. I saw the Malifaux models, and was really attracted to the small model count, the cool models, what looks like a lot of terrain, and what looks like a pretty low cost of entry. I live around Clinton, NJ 08801... I work out in Perth Amboy, NJ. I usually go to The Only Game in Town for gaming but there really isnt a Malifaux community there. Does anyone know of any local NJ or PA groups? Are there regular tourneys or conventions? Right now I'm leaning towards the guild. I like the look of all of the models in the box set with lady justice, and like the combined arms approach. I also like the way the hired guns looks, but I don't think I want a melee force. I would also want to pick up a second starter box so other people could learn along with me. Are there any good matchups for the guild set? (leaning towards more of the horror sets... like the red chapel or no shelter here. My gf likes the horror side of things, along with female main characters). Any tips for getting started? reviews/ tip sites that I should check out?
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