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  1. Regularly scheduled Demos will be held at Gateway Games and Hobbies in Sequim WA March 21 2018 - April 10, 2018 Thursdays and Saturdays from 4-8. If those dates dont work call the store and we will set up a time Will walk you through the starter box or help you learn your new crew Contact Putridways on the Forums or call Gateway Games at 1-360-683-8534
  2. Brian I started an even back in October but due to some cancellations for weather and Holiday obligations we are running slower then I thought we would One group is halfway through act IV and the other is halfway through act III.  I dont want to start another event while this is going but I want to maintain my Henchman status.  I just want to check and see what I should do.  If I need to do another event I will.  I just wanted to check.  Thank you 

    1. psychogeek


      As long as you are not inactive for 6 months you are fine. Remember simple demos count as events!

    2. Putridways
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