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  1. Fixxer

    Super buggy since update...

    Thanks for that, I'm on iOS, does the same thing. Build crew, add totem last. There is always something, LOL.
  2. Fixxer

    PNW Team Showdown

    Any players near this looking to join a team we have a few teams that could use a 3rd player. Please reach out to either me or Outplayed if interested. This is going to be a solid event! Who doesnt love 4 games in the span of a day!?
  3. Fixxer

    Neverborn- Dreamer Crew Recruiting

    The key to getting the most out of them is in a crew that needs card draw (who doesnt, but summoners more so), heals models (or they come back to life anyway!), and can give FAST to utilize their offensive capabilities. Otherwise being Wk6 and Df6 means their not horrible scheme runners if the situation calls. Dreamer is really the only place I use them honestly and its just because you can actually get the most out of them with his abilities/actions. I dont know another NB crew that can, all in one activation, let them get "the rage builds" and a charge off. I guess Zoraida could do it with x2 Obeys but thats a bit more taxing as opposed to 1ap from Dreamer and proximity to accomplice.
  4. Fixxer

    Neverborn- Dreamer Crew Recruiting

    These are all models I take constantly with my Dreamer crews. I play a lot of Dreamer and do pretty well with him at both tournaments and in prep games. I refuse to believe he is as low tier as the competitive community thinks. I just think he's difficult to play and most don't want to take on the challenge. Regardless, I know he has weaknesses, squishy as all NB masters if you position poorly. Stitched are perfect, I try to summon them the most with 10s and keep my 12s and 13s for gambles. Lelu and Lilitu are pretty necessary too. as for non-nightmares: Serena Bowman- Simply amazing with Dreamer. I take her in 90% of my crews playing him. Her upgrade has obvious synergy, but its really all about giving her 10k faces and beating her to death with Wretches and Doppelganger for cards on T1 as she always comes back around. Black blood tendril is a great attack action and she can give Black Blood to the likes of Teddy and such, really solid model all around. Doppelganger- copying stuff is important and versatile. She also can cheat initiative which is invaluable when needed. Mature Nephilim- give him Warped Reality upgrade and put him about 6" up the board. Give him fast with Dreamer and push him with Daydreams for a early game strike on valuable targets. He's tough and works really well into living crews. I've been surprised by this model in every game I've taken him. Blood Wreches - CARDS. These dudes are great at hitting Serena or Teddy for cards. They are also solid late game scheme runners at Wk6 or can be made fast with Dreamer to be able to "rage builds" and then charge. That combo turns them into solid Ml6 beaters that get to attacks and do 3/4/6 damage drawing 2 discarding 1 after damaging. This is absolutely worth a master AP and the 4 needed. Plus I usually take Otherworldly for the Accomplice in this build, they can just got immediately after they get buffed. They're squishy though, so be careful with them. Mr. Tannen.- He is how you summon teddy's in the summoning build. Absolutely necessary. Underrated and powerful when positioned and activated properly. Just my opinion here, good luck on your quest with Dreamer, he's so much fun.
  5. Hello, We are having a tournament at The Portland Game Store in Portland, OR on July 14th from 11am to 7pm. This will be a standard Gaining Grounds 18' 50ss tournament. Pick a faction and come out. There will be no painting requirements as we have some newer players and folks expanding into new factions. I have posted on the various local Facebook pages and was prompted/issued command/obeyed to post up here on this forum too! Any and all welcome until its full! Thanks.
  6. Fixxer

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    Id just drop Warped Reality on Lilitu for 10k faces. She is already a nightmare and really doesnt need to deploy from the shadows with her 18" lure. Swap for that upgrade and this list looks fine. Pact on Dreamer should really be Tantrum also for 5ap. Unless you are rocking a summoning engine and cant afford to lose out on waking, pact isnt the best option for this build.
  7. Fixxer

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    Titania or Lilith will give you a more in your face option with a different play style than Dreamer. I prefer Titanias box over Liliths though in terms of useful models. The Knights are all fantastic with Dreamer and Aesiln is extremely underrated. She gets a lot of work done for me in different crews. Barbaros is great but I dont use Terror Tots, like ever. I expect that to change once I get Lynch, then they might see the table with their sprint and possibly holding an Ace of . Zoraida is more control but different enough that I went with her second ( I started with Dreamer too ). Not a bad second option, but I do see her as too similar if I were to be forced to pick only two. If I had a 3rd pick it'd definitely be Mama Z. The models in her box are Ok, 3 Silurids is definitely overkill, the doll is necessary, and Bad Juju is 7ss, which is nice, but he is rather slow and cumbersome. Dont get me wrong, he can hit, but its tough to get him in position.
  8. I take them in Pandora for condition application to summon sorrows and its a WP duel, so you can get some misery damage in. I actually have been finding more and more uses for them as I expand into different masters in NB. They have play with Zoraida (obviously) but I also find use with Titania and Pandora. Their "wisps call" is 10" range and ive had luck catching beaters in a charge position and completely stopping them in their tracks. Ca5 against Wp is mostly doable and stopping a model from charging on a turn can be big. The 3" aura is actually pretty big and you can get some Scheme markers down pretty easy if you have attacks that target WP. With Aeslin and a wisp positioned correctly, Set Up can be a gimme. I've certainly taken those models when I've seen Set Up in the pool and it will make your opponent think twice about sending their beater at you recklessly.
  9. This was great, thank you guys!
  10. Fixxer

    Our worst models

    Im sorry, I did mean Wild Boars. Their Spiritual Curse condition will come in handy too with Zoraida or Wong crews, possibly an underrated part of the model that will be realized once played.
  11. Fixxer

    Our worst models

    IMO I've never seen the Gremlins as under or overpowered and assume that their play style is a high risk/high reward that IS difficult to play. This automatically puts them at the extreme when talking about their power depending on what exactly you've experienced. This is all we can base our opinions on and TheoryFaux is extremely difficult because all the variables that lead up to any situation that could occur in a match. With that, I find the Gremlins to be a difficult faction to get the most out of and their newer models are a reflection of that. Less direct and more sneaky play style that lends itself to the character of the Gremlins. Frustrating your opponents with careful matchups and positioning OR doing combinations that your opponent has to stop. This new Som'ers x2 Warpig list... Wave 5: The Wrastler can really put a stop on a beater model, but is garbage in other circumstances, so he must be positioned correctly and used correctly to get the most out of him. He's not just a "Generally" good model. The card draw from Criers can be a game winner on a turn 2 or 3 assault when brought with the right crew. Otherwise, they are squishy and dont offer much themselves. The Smuggler (who most people hate) has the Swap action which will be oppressive in the right pool. The Tanikipult is great, its in the nature of what the Gremlins are supposed to be able to do, score big and fast or fail miserably. Bokors reactivate models and frankly, War Pigs wild boars (my bad) are an excellent option for this nowadays being only 5ss. Big Brain Brinn is solid with condition removal and trigger shut down, in the right pool and against the right opponent, extremely effective. Flying Piglets.... eh, they make the taxidermist cooler... LOL. So yes, not generally great models, but situational models that shine when played correctly. Gremlins are not a forgiving faction. There are so many interactions between these models that it can be difficult to consider them all when talking general power, but they are there and the combos have yet to be discovered. The mystery can be fun and is something I like about this game, you cant just net list and carbon copy other peoples stuff, you gotta understand it first. @green-n-dumb I think a better approach would be to ask questions about the faction and find out how other players are using these models. What works and what doesnt work. I think it can be a difficult sell to ask the developers to make the game easier for Gremlin players when they have their own intentions in mind about the theme and play style of the faction. Remember, they do this for a living. I also think a faction of the 7 should be a bit more difficult to master while another should be easier. Its a simple matter of taste and investment, not everyone is the same.
  12. Fixxer

    Monday Preview - Another Mystery

    widower artificer
  13. Fixxer

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    April fools was like 2 weeks ago dude.
  14. Fixxer

    Getting Into Neverborn

    I think that Zoraida operates with the help of some really good henchmen McTavish and/or Nekima. Bring some Will o the Wisps also and anything else to taste really... I like that the WotW can summon dolls and do a condition lure, essentially. This gives Zoraida her AP to obey or etheircally punish stuff that has conditions. Her box comes with Silurids, so that's perfect. They work really well in symbols or ply if used properly. I think Leap is the best (0) in the game, so do a lot of players though. Bad Juju is only 7ss now which is a serious bargain, for that cost he is good to doll punish or hold a position. He is also a great target for Obey if the situation arises. I'll obey a living enemy to end a walk or attack Juju only to fail the horror duel for them and paralyze them OR obey Juju to just attack as his dirty claws are pretty scary at 2/5/7. Her box is very useful, you will use everything in it at some point. Bring 6-7ss cache with her to ensure you can use the triggers on powerful control. Bewitching an enemy into a free obey to charge could cost you 2 ss and 2 high cards, but could change the tide of the encounter if done at the right point. She is a very fun and very strong master right now, IMO.
  15. Fixxer

    Countering summoning engine crews

    Charge Through only works on enemy models. Its still a threat though. Ressers typically have lower DF so if Nico were to overextend ANYTHING, like a mindless zombie for even an activation, you might find a charge with the ability of Zoraida to obey, adding further threat range and timing.