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  1. If you play Zipp guilders make perfect Piano markers, the only 40mm marker in the game. afaik... Or you could use them for pass tokens / soulstones.... whatever.
  2. @LCBrules Sorry you're disappointed in the new rules but you seem to be in the minority. 2E was a dead game for the most part. There was a small pocket of players in certain areas and a huge lack of incoming players. Not a good place to be, especially considering the level of study needed to even enter into the arena with some of these 2E players. It was far to nuanced and absolutely bloated in terms of useless options. Currently in 3E you will see a much more wide variety of masters and models being played. The balancing act all the masters got despite your favorite mechanics going out the window is better for the entire game, you cannot deny that. Master upgrades were cumbersome and required way too much of a knowledge base for players to fully comprehend. Too many options is not a good thing, despite your attitude towards it... You seem to be a Dreamer fan too... I would recommend you get some games in with him before you freak out. He's still as fun as he's ever been, maybe not as variable with all the upgrades, but he is a great master that plays thematically. LCB can teleport with one of his triggers and the bury/summon mechanic is really unique while being tactically valuable. I have been playing him exclusively for the past few weeks and have been having a blast. Definitely my favorite master still. Widow Weaver, nobody can summon teddies... they're enforcers now so only get 1 max. Also, getting away from those huge summons on a RJ is a good thing for the game. Keeps it from being so swingy in that respect. What she can do in 3E is pretty awesome if you put her on the table. She's almost an auto include whereas in competitive 2E you'd never see her. As for the knights...... who actually took the Winter knight in 2e...? lol. So we have 2 variants that got washed away into a single tanky model that has Df6, parry, and challenge. Until you realize the value of cards in 3E you wont see why Autumn knights are good but they really are. Emissary still plants hazardous terrain markers, attacks movement, and is one of NB's better tanks... Coming out with pure hatred is not going to be well received by this community... we love Malifaux. We accept that 2E is done/over and are all looking to a better future with this system. Some of us spent some serious time in the Beta tests trying to save the things we loved most...some made it some didnt... So... take it for what it is but understand that vitriol will be met with a staunch resistance within this community because you are plain wrong.
  3. I hear this! But lets be honest, their grit ability isnt all that special. They have triggers on every suit which are all good. Sure the ignoring armor one would be nice to always get vs teddy or stitched, but giving them injured, shooting again, or getting puncture are all pretty solid too. I would think that if you're facing Dreamer as an arcanist that 2 OOK gunsmiths wouldnt hurt your chances whatsoever. They could both sit back and disrupt his entire bubble for 18ss pretty well, IMO. As for Rasputina she has blasts, gives slow, and staggered. She also has Ruthless so.... she actually matches up really well VS Dreamer in my experience. Forces discards or slow with Ice pillars that can just pop up pretty much anywhere.
  4. Arcanists have gunsmiths and envy too... lots of + flips to target Dreamer directly and avoid Serene Countenance.
  5. I have been thinking long and hard about what it is that makes The Dreamer tick and how to best play the crew. This definitely comes with thinking about how to take it apart, which ultimately is a tricky proposition in my experience. I would have to say that Dreamer is a resource intensive master that relies on being able to use his hand *and stones* for what he needs. Without card draw, being a summoner relying on suits, and having some decent TN's around the crew means he needs his resources. You can take those away by putting the right kind of pressure on the crew which is why it can be tricky. Each model in Dreamers crew requires a different approach to take down, there is no "end all" tactic to dismantle Nightmares. These are the things that I've seen work and put the most pressure on me to tip the game in my opponents favor. 1. Find your ruthless options. Ruthless straight ignores Terrifying. This is a layer of defense that is either brilliant or useless depending on whether or not an enemy model has this ability. It makes models like Widow Weaver, Copellius, and Lord Chompy Bitz very squishy as its their only Df tech. Sure WW and LCB can use soulstones but forcing them to do so slows down The Dreamer and his ability to Summon or place LCB with the trigger on "Your NIghtmare". This is on par with Analyze Weakness or attacks that have triggers or inbuilt armor ignore properties vs heavily armored crews. Its a hard counter, which must be conceived and utilized in the hiring process. IF someone declares they are playing Dreamer, get your Ruthless models out and consider 1 or 2 that can kill. 2. Kill the Day Dreams... I cannot stress this one enough. As bad as it feels as an opponent to kill an insignificant model that will take up to 2 actions to do wont feel good. But if you keep on it and deny the crew extra movement and cheap lucid dreams, you are putting yourself ahead for the end game. This also will start to deny The Dreamers option to use Protected with the Day Dreams. Even so, attacking Dreamer knowing that he'll discard a card to pawn off the attack is progress. If you kill the model he protects himself with AND cost him a card, his resources are being drained, which is a start. He cannot replace models faster than they are killed, only once per turn on the summon action now. The DayDreams also give a lot of mobility and control to the crew with those 3" pushes. Kill them. 3. Ranged attacks. Dreamer's got range and speed, but if you start picking off his support pieces from 12-24" away, like most guns and snipers can do, you will be forcing Dreamers aggression. Possibly forcing stones or cards by shooting at a sz 4 LCB who will be hard pressed to fully hide on most tables. @Flippin' Wyrd George The fact that the Bayou has an upgrade to give Ruthless and swagger and with plenty of shooting in their faction, this should be your main approach when hearing Dreamer declared. Even a single sniper can cause positioning problems for the Nightmare crew, which can disrupt their ability to support each other fully. Mass shooting is a real problem though, if you can hire 3-4 solid guns in your crew, the Dreamer player should start sweating a bit. 4. Re-position Nighmare models. The NIghtmare crew is a crew built on teamwork and supporting each other. Most models in the crew have a difficult time on their own and can be focused down if isolated. If you use place effects, lures, obeys to move things out of position and capitalize on it one model at a time. They dont have the best WP either..Notably Serena who is Wp5 which is a glaring weakness for her as she usually acts as a bodyguard for Dreamer. Day Dreams are Wp4 and move 6", lures on them can be devastating as they're not models that are a problem getting close to your crew and like my 2nd point... kill those buggers early. 5. Conditions.... in my experience Slow and Staggered.... McCabes net gun is a real problem for this crew. Poison was also problematic when fighting against McMournings crew and their expunge actions. I think finding ways to apply conditions without being overly obvious about it during hiring is a big deal when fighting Dreamer. The masters mentioned above definitely telegraph that, but it costs the NB player 2ss for the upgrade to remove conditions or hire Serena, a versatile model with condition removal. It can feel like Conditions arent the best approach but I totally have fits when my opponent is applying a bunch of conditions to my crew and dictating my activation order, upgrades chosen, and actions I have to take. Just some quick thoughts on it as Im here at work. its a start, Id think.
  6. I think Dreamer as a master benefits more from Pandy and the Poltergeist joining him... The bonus action Stun on a M6 totem is pretty brutal for getting nighmares out early. Pandy gives Dreamer the freedom to do what he wants as their crew will be dealing with Pandy all up in their face first. She will facilitate summons with all her WP attacks and slow down the enemy crew. Unfortunately you might not have the cards to make both masters actions all go off, so you'll need to rely on top decking or not getting everything you want. As for hiring the Dreamer, he is cheaper than 2 insidious madness out of faction and can summon 2 of them with the upgrade limitation. The problem in a Pandora crew, you dont have the card draw to support a summoner tagging along, kind of like hiring Pandy into Dreamer. Its card intensive... But still viable with that in mind. Dreamer being hired as a second master would be more playable in a Lucius or Zoraida crew due to ALL the card draw and the myriad of WP attacks.
  7. Serena is in every one of my Dreamer crews. Insidious Madness is surprisingly effective on the table. Don’t be afraid to hire 1 or 2.. I’ve had excellent games with them. Stitched seem to hog all the glory on the Internet.
  8. I think he means non versatile +1s. both Serena and Hoody are excellent hires for any NB crew.
  9. Hello all, We are putting together a tournament at The Portland Game Store (922 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97217) on June 30th starting at noon. This will be a 3 round tournament ending at around 8pm. A great opportunity to get 3 games in with your favorite masters in this fantastic new edition. Please pm me if you'd be interested and I'll put you on the list. Thanks!!!!!
  10. ....With resources. Gotta have the card and suit and make the decision to capitalize on an over extended LCB. This summary of this game tells all. Titania player played it correctly and got a little lucky. @whodares overextended and underestimates the power a Master, Henchman, and 10ss enforcer can dish out.
  11. @whodares you really need to get more games in. This game is not won on paper. Consistently making the right decision in the given circumstance is what this game is all about. To know the different circumstances you need to put the time in. I beta tested and I play a ton of Malifaux. I’m one of those guys that makes too much time for hobbies, total nerd, lol. 🤓 Currently playing Neverborn as my main, go to tournaments...(we consistently have 1-2 a month in the PNW on the I5 corridor... Portland, Tacoma, and Bellevue) Honestly, your assertion of models being broken doesn’t help. A lot of time and effort were put into testing and balancing keywords. You made poor decisions in this game... straight up. And that’s ok! Seriously, we are all facing these issues when matched up against a good player bringing an unfamiliar master, or two 😳.. so you gotta take your licks and reflect on what YOU could’ve done better in the game in order to develop your understanding of the variables. The last thing you wanna do is take anything away from an opponent by disrespecting their play with the assertion of janky rules or OP stats. It’s also a bit of a drag on the testers and developers that spent a lot of time on this stuff. You’re obviously not an expert, you said it was your first game in a while... so by all means ask questions, present the scenario, and accept feedback. Titania isn’t broken... either is Dreamer for that matter (you’ll find that discussion under either “Lucid dreams” or “stitched together” threads). Again, just keep playing and gaining xp... you’ll find success.
  12. Hello all!! We play Malifaux on Tuesday nights at the Portland Game Store in Portland, OR. 922 N. Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217 Typically start around 5:30pm and go until they close or we are done. Standard 50ss games for the most part. I am happy to demo for any new players as well. I have plenty of crews and resources to loan. PM me if you'd like to set something up.
  13. You nailed it @Kharnage IME Lelu is a piece you bring when you expect to face a lot of armor. The plink damage, high melee stat, and addition of poison means he is doing a ton of plink damage on his own. I dont think he's a model you bring unless you are expecting to see a bunch of armor or a tougher crew than expected. Normally I am one to hire a young neph to start the game in lieu of Lelu but if my opponent is declaring Hoffman, Yan Lo, or Mei Fang, I might consider hiring Lelu.
  14. On Corrupted Hounds: The few times I have played Nekima I’ve seen Turf War or Reckoning with hold up and search the ruins in the pool. The hounds have been absolutely savage in terms of dictating the positioning of my opponent. I’ve brought 4 each time. With 8 actions for only 12ss means you simply scatter and started picking off chasers with Nekima, Mature, or Heyridden as the dogs tend to be “easy points” in the Strat. The opponent will go for them, IME at least. Your patience and positioning around blocking terrain is paramount to the success of hounds, they aren’t there to fight necessarily. They are there to force your opponent to need to stop them or give up VP. M6 and significance for 3ss is useful as anything else in this game. It’s about situational awareness and using them properly into certain pools. Waldgeists are kind of tricky IMO but have value. They have 3 solid triggers on their attack. 2 of which give conditions which is a good deal on the Voodoo doll. The terrain creation is also useful now that charge are pushes and pushes are affected by terrain. I’ve seen a few charges deterred from placing an underbrush marker in front of an enemy model. The ability to ambush and ignore severe terrain is great on certain boards too. They can be deceptively fast as 11” of movement in a activation isn’t bad.
  15. You must not have an Instagram account then... A level of maturity is expected when involving yourself in the endeavors of adults, which this game makes no qualms about. Wyrd has always been edgy, dark, and reserved for a crowd that appreciates a bit of realism. (the world is a dark place full of very horrible things) We live in relative safety in comparison to the rest of humanity, its nice to not have those walls up in this endeavor. If you want guarded, politically correct, and safe, look to other options in the market. I think Wyrd does a fantastic job taking risks and providing a product that is unique in the market. This reminds me of how artistic expression is constantly under the scrutiny of political correctness. Comedy has suffered due to it yet the music industry juxtaposes a completely different mantra. Perhaps it has to do with WHO's in control of the product. I would argue that your position is cliche and nuanced to the current sociopolitical state. There arent big bad men out there simply objectifying women for the sake of other men. Its a marketable commodity that women reap the benefits from as much as men. I dont think the artists or Wyrds intent is to "objectify women" as you so claim.
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