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  1. But this is during an enemy activation. Its an Obey. Laugh off: If this model would be moved during an enemy model's Activation or from an enemy model's effect, it may choose not to. ON movement: PG14. Rulebook During a game, objects (most often models, but sometimes Markers or terrain) will move around the table (but never off it). Any time something changes location or is affected by a movement effect, it is considered to have moved (even if it moved 0").
  2. Obeying a model is an enemy effect. The only reason the model is taking an action is because of an enemy action. An opposed duel that was failed by the obeyed model. They are taking an action DURING an enemies activation. Laugh off is active during an opponents activation which would be when the Obey action can be taken. Laugh off works to stop the model from moving but not from interacting or attacking if the obeying player so chooses. But the obeyer cannot move the model with "laugh off" if the obeyed player doesnt want to.
  3. I've played Ulix quite a bit all through Beta. My most played Bayou master by far. I feel like he is super strong and very capable of playing in most scheme pools. Reckoning could cause him problems though... I always bring Old Major, a hog whisperer, slop hauler, and the sow. Old major because he is essential to the damage output potential of any pig in his aura, which you should have a lot of by turn 2. He's tough and with Ulix close can reach 2". His good for a laugh trigger is a good one to shoot for if possible. The rest all summon piglets which should be your main goal turns 1 and possibly 2. The sow offers you summons on while the Slop and Whisperer on with the action to give suits with Old Major (pig knows the way) or tools for the job with the whisperer you should get 3 piglets out turn 1. After that Ulix should grow them into whatever you have the resources for. Basically he is a horde crew that drops scheme markers in death. With search the ruins in the pool Ulix should be considered every time. Positioning pigs in locations where they are serviceable in death with their Bacon Demise. I think this is the best approach for his crew overall, giving your opponent too many targets to deal with. Tying them up with chaff or blowing them out with a grown War Pig, options abound in this crew. Moving the pigs around out of activation and growing them up properly is where the crew can really shine. Remember though, the crew is EXTREMELY squishy. Most of your models are vulnerable to death within an enemy activation if you arent careful. More recently I have added Big Brain Brin to the mix. The extra card in hand, the card draw, and deck manipulation is fantastic. His action to use scheme markers to obey friendlies and his protected Bayou make him very solid in this crew. I consider him most of the time now.
  4. no way... A lot of activations would be completely wasted if that was the case. Focus is totally fine how it works now.
  5. I think both Porkchop and Gracie are excellent versatile options. Porkchop is great in zipps crew due to his ability to drop scraps after his activation and give to attack actions within 3". This means chop can engage an enemy and have Mancha or a Wraslter come in after and use that scrap for +1 injured and possible take a damage for that . Reckless is really useful in setting that up and getting the right angle, with Mv6 its actually pretty easy to get him where he needs to be. 7ss is a bargain for him, IMO. Gracie is better with Ophelia due to "ride with me". Giving a ride to Ophelia or Francois can be enough Mv to really cause problems early game. she is a good body guard for each of those models as well. If they go in and Gracie lives, she has the potential to also go Reckless and do some serious damage. Armor +2 is helpful in a crew that doesnt have any too. Mv4 and engage of 0" are rough, but her actions make up for that.
  6. Its really tough for me to just post general purpose lists or rank masters without knowing what the S&S are. I think the encounter determines the power level of each master in all honesty and with the strategies being the least variable and highest scoring, I look at those to determine how best to build a crew or which master is best in theoryfaux. For me Zoraida is a master that can really do it all. She happens to be lucky in that respect, but most support/control masters tend to be harder to play but offer strengths into each strategy. Whereas other masters are obviously good into one strategy and obviously bad in another.. .not saying impossible but definitely a handicap. I generally think summoners have it rough in reckoning. Not saying it cant be done, but usually results in more models that are easier to kill. Into a plant explosives or corrupted idols. *Scheme dependent Zoraida+ancient pact Bad Juju +inhuman reflexes Doppelganger Adze x2 Silurid will o wisp 7 models +1 w/voodoo summon. 6ss Cache *some people dont like the Adze. I think its ridiculous with the Voodoo doll. First, put burning on the doll when its tethered, then attack or lure it for even more conditions. I think being able to get poison , burning, and a couple pips of damage on a model is big. Also, poison is built in on the attack and good triggers, gives Doppelganger another worthwhile attack to copy if need be. Higher value lure is better, plus he is super fast , can heal, and can be obeyed into excellent position. I just think this version has mobility with a nice bodyguard for mama Z in Juju. Inhuman reflexes is really strong on him and adds to his survivability. Into Reckoning or Turf war *Scheme dependent Zoraida + ancient pact Bad Juju+ Inhuman reflexes Mctavish Grootslang Serena Bowman Waldgeist 6ss cache 6 models +1 w/voodoo summon. This list is small, elite, heals a bit, and can reposition fairly well. 2 models with demise eternal and a tough minion for good measure in the Waldgeist. Could easily be swapped for something else, but I figure the terrain creation and relative toughness is nice in killy strats. Grootslang, for me has been a strong model. They have a 2" engage with theyre tongue attack giving built in slow. This coupled with their Penetrating stench ability can drop models to only having 1 action during their activation or lose a card. If the Grootslang is positioned outside of 1" (most models engagement) they cant even attack him. IME this combo has been stifling for my opponents AND he was recently given 2 extra health bringing him from 8-10. This is bonkers good for 8ss and has the potential of shutting down multiple models if positioned correctly.
  7. All of these models are assembled and primed black. This is high quality GW primer. Smooth as silk GUILD: Keyword: Journalist Nellie Printing Press Phiona Gage Alison Dade x3 Reporters Keyword: Guard Dashel Dispatcher (female multi piece model) Queeg ALT Seargent x2 Executioners x3 Patrol (1 is Female multi piece model) x4 Guild Hounds Warden Rifle woman (Female multi piece model) Keyword: Witchling ALT Witchling Handler **PENDING** 2 Thralls Stalker **Painted and based** 1e Peacekeeper 2 Austringers Brutal Effigy OUTCASTS: 2 Ronin Alt Bishop Alt Lazarus 1e Hamelin BAYOU: 1e Pere Ravage **I am willing to trade for these BAYOU models. Merris LaCroix Flying PIglets Swamp Mother Gupps Akaname Tanuki Gatreaux Bokor Smugglers Lucky Effigy Lucky Emissary Thank you.
  8. Fixxer

    Anti armor

    I understand this. But their gun is still only a stat 5. With cover benefiting a +1 Df and a to damage, you have a good chance of winning that duel or only taking 2 damage due to the damage being on a ... even with the focus as they'd cancel. If they got you out of cover, you're screwed, no question... I think the models other folks have suggested with triggers to ignore armor are all great options if you feel the need to have to kill the samurai. Thats not always necessary to win though. My point is to use mobility, which bayou have plenty of, and cover which should be plentiful on every table. Aside from that you're just playing Malifaux and every game is extremely unique.
  9. Fixxer

    Anti armor

    Well, I do believe that Cover will be of the upmost importance when facing Samurai. Cover adds +1 Df and a flip to damage. This essentially takes their shooting attack down to a 4 stat. If they focused they'll be breaking even with the it adds to the damage flip. A shot 4 even with to attack isnt very good. Luckily theyre min 2 damage and dont have a repeat trigger anymore. In Close combat their ignoring armor isnt as effective against the faction, but is still a threat at stat 6 with good triggers. I mean, they're 9ss, they should be good. I think they're definitely something the Bayou faction can handle, just make sure you use the terrain on the board to your fullest advantage. I would look into bogging them down with Bayou gremlins, or forcing them to have to walk into shooting lanes. Most of the bayou models being Sz1 can help hide them too. I dont think going into the teeth of 2 of them is our best option as a faction, perhaps trying to ignore them and have them waste shots on models in cover is best.
  10. I dont know. In my last tournament my opponent used Morty to pretty much secure the end game Dig their graves in a Transmortis crew. Its dictated early but very difficult to stop. His chatty bubble and decent fighting ability means he can protect the end scheme pretty well. Let the rest of the crew work out the 1st score on dig and hope to hold off the opponent for the 2nd in the end. Frankly with how difficult it can be to score END game schemes, I thought this was a strong hire given the circumstances.
  11. Fixxer

    Ophelia and Kin

    She can draw a card and gain fast and a glowy token from Ophelia hitting her with an Arsenal upgrade discard. Or you can have a Young Lacroix just shoot her. She injures enemies from 10" range making it easier for the kin to kill them. She converts enemy scheme markers into stuffed piglets for denial. She works really well with the kin in my experience and 7ss isnt too bad for her kit.
  12. Well, using focus in defense is mostly a "Use it or lose it" situation based on what you have in your hand. So, I dont see it as a problem. At least you are able to use it in defense as a last ditch effort to possibly win a duel. Obviously its best used with an attack, but we arent always so lucky to do that.
  13. Is nobody using his hunting screen for concealment? Pretty solid there Imo.... he gets a free 3” move at the start of his activation too. Typically rolls with a master that will obey him to get more damage out. I think he’s fragile but his mobility and versatility in terms of a solid ranged attack and melee totally make up for that. Don’t throw him into enemies like you do with Juju or other tough henchmen. McTavish should be sitting back making enemies come to him.
  14. Shadow Lair upgrade is missing update.
  15. Fixxer

    Moon Shinobi

    They are Mv 6 and have stealth. Pretty good at running on an edge and making models go to them if they want to stop them. The 1" pushes help, their squeal trigger can be really strong. But I also tend to think the Bayou faction attempts to overwhelm with scheming as their factional identity. If a crew tends to bring a lot of shooting, or ranged attacks the Moonshniobi will be a better choice than Akaname or Gamin due to their higher movement and stealth. Not saying those models dont have a role running schemes, its just different situationally. The Bayou faction have many 4-6ss models that are different styles of scheme runner. Fast models with stealth and pushes can do a pretty good job despite not having flight or the ability to drop markers as result of an action besides interact. That's just my opinion.
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