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  1. Honestly, the knights and their challenge action are extremely underrated. I always bring at least one when I play Titania.
  2. The Emissary is great with Titania, he can add to the amount of terrain on the table and has some nice synergy with Titania being able to move markers around. He'll get flips while attacking models in severe terrain. Also he ignores concealment which is big against certain crews. I play with this model a lot and see his tankyness as the best attribute. I tend to heal him up as much as I can and force the opponent to try and deal. All 6's on stats, armor, and HtK... whats not to like!? I would also recommend the hooded rider as an alternative to Kill Joy. Speed kills, having ride with me can get Aeslin or a knight up close to do some disruption. I actually have only brought Killjoy with Titania a couple times, he is absolutely skippable. Rougarou however are not. This is her best minion, no question. Triggers on a rougarou attack are ALL really good. I would recommend that box and Bultungin for some cheaper minion options... at that point her crew should be solid.
  3. Speed of play will come with time. We are still in Beta, still learning. After a few months of release players will get faster that have the acumen to do so. Some players are just slower due to whatever reason. Dont stick with a master, over analyze everything, or dont care enough to address speed of play as a personal issue. its personal, not a game design issue, IMO. I dont think any overhaul to the game is needed to speed up play, I think the game needs more time and players need to not have analysis paralysis and make decisions. *in addition, we had issues with speed of play in M2E also. I remember a podcast, the Max Value with Travis and Alexander talking about speed of play and tips to go faster. Many of their examples of slow playing, without realizing it, happens out here too. We're on opposite sides of the country. All gamers have similar tendencies that slow their play down, especially in Malifaux due to the myriad of model options. They did a fantastic job of addressing different ticks people have and ways to recognize and speed up. IT was a very well done episode that has relevance in any table top game.
  4. I missed this, apologies above. Seems like a few posts went up at the same time. 😶 I get what you're trying to do, all kept cards would be shuffled back in during the end phase. You'd lose access to the kept cards only during that turn. 👌
  5. I prefer the Lucid dream of last week, both kept cards should be discarded. I think this is way too much handling of the deck. IMO the kept card should be placed at the bottom of the fate deck. Sure the players will have an idea of whats on the bottom of their deck and it will be a race to possibly get to those cards. Shuffling a deck 5 times a turn is going to get a bit ridiculous.
  6. I hear that, I didn’t say it was gonna be easy. BUT putting pressure on her can seriously hinder her support capabilities and turn the tide. Maybe try it out next time you face her and see if it makes the encounter more balanced.
  7. I can appreciate that menacing croaks 6" range and the WP duel being 14 might be a bit high. Absolutely could be changed to once per activation, or a bonus, or lower the tn/range. I dont think the action has been utilized enough to see the data on its effectiveness. Most people do strictly scheme run with them. Im quick to argue against nerfing, appreciate the conversation though.
  8. Well for 1ss less you got a model with HtW and armor, which is very survivable. About survivable as having butterfly jump, really. You make it sound like the Silurid is leaps and bounds better than a Necropunk... I dont see that at all. Leaping on a 5 isnt so bad considering the toughness of a necropunk, they're still providing excellent scheme running abilities albeit different. These models arent costed the same and exist in different factions, they'll need differences that are inline with how their faction functions. Toughness with ressers, mobility with Bayou. Entropy is also a very useful ability to have... If you know a model is on 1 health and hasnt activated a necropunk can insert itself easily within 3" to auto kill that model. Auto damage is very strong, even if its 1 point. 7ish" due to a 3" aura is pretty big too. Sure menacing croak might be a high TN but for a 6ss model they'll need an additional action to satisfy multiple roles, they arent just scheme runners at that point, their useful 6ss models with a variety of useful actions. They're still pretty squishy if you can get into them.
  9. There absolutely is counter play... just ask. We are here to help. Yan Lo couldnt apply his upgrade to create hazardous terrain around himself and insert into Zoraida? I know Yan Lo is very fast and has upgrades that can be very good in the right situation. If Zoraida is dead or threatened she has less ability to counter play that Silurid who is up the board. Izamu also has "unyielding", he cannot be obeyed. He can also come back to life with rebuild corpus, can be pushed insane amounts right into Zoraida and kill her. Izamu couldnt be a better pick into Zoraida. If she spends time trying to take him down with his Armor +2 (she doenst have armor piercing options) it will take too much AP... not only that Izamu can heal or be resummoned. Forcing Zoraidas crew to have to deal with him is the AP sink you need to counter her playstyle. I've played against Yan Lo a few times and he was a monster. Being aggressive stifles obey and support masters. If theyre busy trying to stay alive they're not affecting the board very well. 10T are my main opponents and I've taken Zoraida into them a few times., there is quite a bit of "laugh off" in the faction too.. Obeys are way less effective against them (Crime bosses, Minako Rei) Just my opinion, I dont think Zoraida or Silurids need any downgrading, at all. .
  10. Zoraida cannot obey masters. In fact, masters tend to do really well against her. Anecdotal experiences are obviously all we are working with but I do think taking a step back and looking for solutions in game rather than changing models/masters is really important. If we dont find any solutions for that particular problem/master/model... then its time to change the model. In my experience, once my opponents learn to deal with a masters strengths we start to see them balancing out. Sure a game might be wonky due to a poor crew pick into a certain master but a conversation afterwards about the different crew possibilities usually leads to an answer of how to deal. If you go into Zoraida with a willy nilly keyword force you'd like to play, you might be in trouble. When an opponent declares Zoraida you should be looking to hire a secondary master if not two... Im serious. At that point putting pressure on Zoraida herself with those masters will have her fold like a tent. Sure, you might not enjoy running multiple masters but the situation may be asking you to do that, despite your preference, winning is the goal. So, you should really be looking for counter picks the moment you learn which master you are facing. -THIS WILL TAKE TIME. I realize its still early in the beta and people are looking at their games a certain way and in hindsight the hiring process is where you can see a master dominate the field and seem OP. I feel like we arent looking at these sorts of solutions and quickly go to "change this, change that". Before we call for change perhaps asking for ideas will help find where the balance actually lies.
  11. Hired Swords, no question. Viktorias are fantastic killers. Taelor is a beater Student of Conflict is now an enforcer with excellent support elements. x3 Ronin might be the best minions in any of those boxes. 31SS total. Pretty good start. *additional models are bishop, vanessa, and big jake. You'd get by just fine with those purchases to get to 50ss and have a little bit of variety.
  12. They're changing stunned which is what I think you're referring to, on Penetrating stench. I do believe this takes their keyword ability from bad to even worse. But Zoraida did get "eyes in the night" back which helps, a little.
  13. Fixxer

    Doggo Buff Idea

    I dont think regurgitate would make them auto picks, nor would I think they'd regurgitate more than turn one in most cases. A lot of crews are "set up" crews and take turn 1 to sit back and power up. I dont think it would make them auto takes, it would just add another layer of use which is what @Kharnage wants from the model. I dont think they'd add a brand new action to the mix so borrowing regurgitate form the Blood Hunter seems like an easy trial action. Perhaps make the hounds a non bonus action to differentiate it from the totem. Just throwing out ideas. Stealth might not be a bad idea, I think that'd be kind of strong considering how I tend to use them. I mean, more the merrier, I wouldnt be opposed to adding something to them. Just dont want to sacrifice their cost, movement, or significance. That trifecta is solid, IMO but am open to changes that dont mess with those traits.
  14. Fixxer

    Doggo Buff Idea

    Maybe give them regurgitate? They have regeneration and some other minor crew healing.
  15. Fixxer

    Doggo Buff Idea

    That's fine and I appreciate the approach and experience. I still see min 2 out there and also make sure to position models to either counter charge or pull enemies out of position. I think the Nephilim offer a crew that has an option at 7 significant Mv6 models for 24ss. Some of which can grow off the others demise into better models. Couple that with a Master and Henchman that fly and deal serious damage in Melee and you can really spread them out and pick off aggressors. Sure shooting is a problem but that should be mitigated by cover/terrain. Terrain and schemes/opponent will have a lot to do with the hiring process but Im arguing that they are viable models at 3ss in the right pool against the right opponent. I see them a perfectly viable models in the keyword.
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