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  1. Yep, without some clarifications like that, it could simply cancel execute and the likes. I am really interested in knowing the new path of Molly. I hope her nightmare crew version feels ok as a model for that variant in some way
  2. As a game with such a strong sense of aesthetic, playing on a grid would feel a bit ugly to me. I like to play on amazing tables with strange terrain pieces. Many times some buildings have presented problems for placement and the likes, but as you can measure before performing actions and making decisitions, I think the movement works just fine.
  3. Well, I remember feeling the lack of healing on my collection when playing Ophelia on M2E, when everyone had dumb luck and I only had her base crew. Adding just the slop haulers and Lenny really made me a major threat at my club. In Argentina we never had a competitive community, so when a friend came from Chile with the first Sandeep we ever saw, it demolished every single other player at our friendly tournament. Back on the jockeys, they seem nice, I do not see any of those as a "must have" for any of my crews, but probably will be grabbing them as they are really pretty. Maybe some can be used as flankers for some schemes, but I doubt many will be having place in competitive matches. For Henchman Hardcore games I will need to think a bit more, I really like to play with Francois' Kin, and I am painting my Tri-Chi models so... Would love to see at some point the alligator and sillurid too, but the more time passes, the more I think I need a Gremlin Conquistador and/or cavalliers.
  4. Maybe a Zipp who left his jetpack to get a pirate hat? Gaining Dirigible ride to move around and focusing on piano shooting could be funny.
  5. I would enjoy to see Ulix with his bow, debuffing his targets. Maybe, if the keyword really needs to evolve, maybe he could add a "grow like" mechanic, forcing the pigs to kill or eat corpses in order to get bigger. Wong could totally focus on friendly glow... maybe he could lower glow on friends to make damage around them? Maybe the bag could give him tail whip or something like that.
  6. Seamus could get his bag of tools back, maybe a model that is surrounded with her belles and likes to "turn pretty his enemies". Maybe a "leader of the trouppe", with ways to distract the enemies and summon after killing with his not very damaging attack. When I first knew about the professor, I imagined he was going to be an aethervox or a brain in a jar, a character that only had his voice to motivate his students. Maybe we could see him in an "personally improved field test drive". A REBORN yan lo could be really interesting indeed. Maybe just a beater, but I would like to see something else. On the other hand, in the RPG he was known by gokudos with another name and was trying to "awaken" the ancestors, we could have him focus on giving charms and summoning ancestors? I cannot think of any better alternatives for Moly, she seems amazing the way she is. I could see her focusing on being a pirate... I really love Reva and think her concept is the best executed on the keyword, so thinking on alternatives seems difficult. Maybe she could shift her focus to "the mother of the abandoned". Maybe a support model that centers around punishing the attacks to her children and pushing them past their limits, but with so much burning and corpses on the keyword... maybe discard corpses/pyres to heal or rise again her champions?
  7. Maybe they both get to trainwalk... Maybe a Mei Feng who uses scrap for schemes or the other hand? Like if they were getting money for the rail-making. Maybe Sandeep could focus more in his support roles, with healing and passing actions around, no attacks nor summoning, but him being a teacher. So many possibilities!!!
  8. I also would like models to be able to use the glowy on enemies, not shure if it should be part of Magical Influence (discard a glowy token on itself or the opposing model) or another ability (even wong could have it, so his iron fans could be really dangerous against shiny models) Maybe a few models could have some triggers to give Staggered, maybe the bugs? If shielded could still trigger Hard Knock life, then the bokors would become even more powerful on the crew, so maybe they should be looked at.
  9. If we are having a cool group of Gremlin Riders, I really hope we get a Conqueror or Quixote one. The first one could even be an explorer, going around Malifaux disicovering known places such as Leveticus' shop.
  10. Nah, just kidding, but I agree that having the awquard riders trying to emmulate each horseman can be funny. Time will tell how are they gonna be.
  11. you mean... a hench with the Horseman keyword? or 7ss enforcers that try to replicate the Big Ones?
  12. Maybe the model comes with two bases, one for each feet
  13. Really interesting suggestions! I would also like some changes on Dragur and Cremation. I have still my Lampads unpainted but maybe they are as you say. I would like the switch between both about costs and play directions. Vincent seems to be a strong character who likes to sit in a spot and command from there, near the heat. On Cremation, maybe it could have a trigger like the one on "Drop the pianos" so it can damage models near? That way, you could place your pyre and maybe hit someone with it.
  14. Hello! We are starting a slow grow league the next Saturday on Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will be playing one round every two weeks, starting as a Henchman Hardcore, and ending with a 50ss game, during four matches. If you want to take part, you will need to contact me either on facebook or by this page, and will be part of the games. Participants will face each other on any local club they arrange and then report the results of the match on facebook or our Whatsapp group. We are waiting for you!
  15. I would really enjoy to see a Gremlin Conquistador, with helmet and all. Not shure if it could be a dual faction master or if that would serve better as a Nightmare Edition for someone like Sommer, but Bayou People want to colonize this new faction too.
  16. I think some of the best models to remove ice pillars are mindless zombies 😄
  17. Yes, some gremlins tend to be bigger, such as Mancha and Olaf. Not shure about Alphonse but it could be another case. In the "Into the Bayou" book, when creating characters, gremlins can be abnormally tall and become a bullet magnet, but it is 1 in 50 chances.
  18. Hi! I know I may not be helping a lot as I faced Titania with another faction, but last Sunday, I played a 35ss game against her with the following schemes: DEPLOY: flankSTRAT Plant explosives SCHEMES Harness the Ley Line Search the Ruins Power Ritual Outflank Deliver a message As I am a Bayou player, I tried a Zipp crew, with an iron skeeter, gracie, First Mate and a smuggler. With that crew, I hoped I could have a good positioning to fulfill my objectives. Titania was a powerful opponent: with Aeslin dropped an unactivated Gracie to 2hp in one go (I had to activate near her and forunately managed to heal tow to survive for next turn) The whole crew was tanky and was full of tricks to defy me, but my own crew had many flying models, leaps, pushes and places, so most parts of the grass were not a huge problem. Maybe you were unlucky and got a bad matchup, I tend to focus on what I need to earn VP and ignore anything else (unless it is stopping the opponent from doing the same). Her crew is not fast, it just makes yours slower. They do not do lots of damage if you get shielded or defend from the most important hits. When a model can spam injured, I tendto keep a card to stop the debuff rolling, as once it lands one hit, it becomes more difficult to protect yourself. Titania's attack benefits a lot if you are in base contact with a marker, but she cannot put them within 2" of another nor in base contact with yourself, so she relies on her "queen's command" to get them where she wants them.with many incorporeal models, you could avoid a good part of their power.
  19. Hello! We will be having a M3E "learning tournament" the 22 of July, on the Geek Out Fest, on the San José School, Azcuenaga 158, Buenos Aires. This is one of the biggest roleplaying and board games event on Latin America and Malifaux will be there! We will be having a 35ss, 8 player tournament as we learn again the game, with tree rounds that will be announced shortly. The tournament will start with the event, at 12:00 and will last at 20:30 aproximately. The next day, I will be running demos at the event for those interested!
  20. Hi! The local campaign has ended and I forgot to post some pictures about it! During 6 rounds (of two weeks each), players expanded their arsenals until the las games, where we had a big pit fight between the regulars!
  21. I know it only works at my country, but because of the time at which I paid the models and the prices they are now, with the devaluation and inflation, I had paid the models as less than a quarter than they cost now
  22. Hi! The past weekend I have been at Bahía Blanca, where the Encuentro Nacional de Juegos de Mesa took place. Game designers from all over the country, as well as many roleplaying-games communities assisted to the event. While I did not manage to teach many players about Malifaux (no wargames this time), There had been quite some players fascinated with the idea of a roleplaying game using cards, so... we had awesome adventures in the Bayou!!! The players even managed to return alive to the village and drink some booze. Some other pictures from the event:
  23. Hi! I am a Resser and Gremlin player, and I know that the latter can be a bit difficult to play properly, but are absolutely a blast. Does she have any other models besides the ones on those boxes? Even as both crews are cool, they do not possess much hiring things in common, so is almost like playing two different factions, as the models do not support each other between them. Do you have slop haulers? Sammy Lacroix, Merris Lacroix, Warpig, Gracie or Burt Jebsen? those are models that can be used on many crews andcould really cover some aspects relegated by her crews. Ophelia and her crew are really good a killing, but Rocinante should really get a few models to unlock the "summoning style". Remember this is a game focused on strategies and schemes, and many gremlins have reckless: AP advantage wins the game. Are you using the new master upgrades? Ophelia really gained a lot with them. I would generally advice to keep playin whatever you like. Maybe, to get some more utility, Zipp could provide her with the best taxis in the game to deliver a Francois Missile to the face, but generally, experience is the best way to get victories. Hope this helps!
  24. Here are some photos from the last event! We had a great time playing some adventures! The Fated had entered a haunted house... and managed to leave relatively alive! It had been a wonderful adventure full of jokes and too many explosions. Also, we played many card and boardgames, and had a great time.
  25. Even as she has the option of using her personal emissary upgrade, I think the generic one benefits her crew a bit more, as it helps the accuracy of your minions, such as Shieldbearers and Rotten belles, who really like possitives.
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