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  1. Ahaha, how did i know that was you in the first sentence!? Was it the hogan reference? Or the rocket raccoon profile pic? Good to see ur on the forums I hope it does come back to bite you after all, you cant have good luck forever... just I never seem to have good luck at all . Couldn't remember the exact hands of that game, all i remember is Lady J got her spleen handed to her by "The Hulk " Btw, if u wanted to email me those stat cards for Thursday to print off, my email is on my profile I think
  2. Haha, yh, mako's crews are awesome . Overall, Im counting my game against von schill a resounding success. Heres why: Turn 1 score- 0-0 (obviously) Turn 2 score- 4-1 to me Turn 3 score- 5-2 to me Turn 4 score- 6-6 :/ Turn 5 score- 7-7 :S End game score- 8-10 to him I managed to force my opponent into a position where he was forced to let me "Spring the trap" and gain full victory points from that scheme! I also had Von Schill, or as we called him, either Hulk Hogan or Revolver Ocelot XD, stuck in combat with one death marshall, Lady Justice, and within charging distance of my remaining crew. All in one turn from one pull by Stand for Judgement, into some well placed scheme markers. The following turn.... My deck was a crapchute . I had burned a soulstone to both redraw and reflip for initiative, meaning i had 1 ss left, and i redrew an ace for initiative (on a side note, my opponent won initiative every turn of the game while drawing an eight for all but one flip) and 3 for my hand, leaving me with one face card, and everything else below 5 :/. Just to rub it in my face, my opponent managed to deal a massive amount of damage to the judge with only one shooting attack, by pulling a red joker, having two rams for critical strike already... and still having another shooting activation after that :/. He was reduced to one wound, and the librarian finished him off. Lady J was activated to deliver the pain to Hogan... and she did, suprisingly, batter him senseles. He was on one wound with hard to kill, and i had two death marshalls waiing to clean up, despite the hand . And thats when he tore off his shirt and paralyzed THE ENTIRETY of my remaining crew, before tearing the skinny lady J in half with an astonishing amount of face cards and a leg drop XD. He really bought the pain... my opponent was amazed at his luck during our game, and admitted in the post game chat we had that I just got really, really unlucky, and to make things worse, he got really, really lucky after my lead early on XD Overall, I lost through sheer bad luck, but i still think this game showed a lot of improvement over the last, and the fact i had a 3 point lead,when had no scheme markers down by turn 2, is a new record for me as for pics of my crew, i'll post them shortly
  3. aha, im afraid they're nowhere near as mind blowingly epic as your crews, Mako. Your minis are the ones that made me go "erm... i dont think mine are good enough for this XD". Your kirai crew with the sculpted dragon heads was the first thing i saw and I was like "this guy is on another level... oh, thats the guy who just posted on my topic :D" Unfortunately, it's 2am in England atm, and i dont feel like waking the parents up to take some pics, and the lighting isnt ideal either XD, but i'll definitely take some tomorrow after they get their heads caved in by Von Schill and his Freikorpsmen, and i'll link you the topic (if you can do that? I'm new ). On an off topic, I just saw an awesome Lady J and sonnia crew by praetorian or andy i think, and they were pretty awesome, they're a very cool style . Nyways, ty for the advice Jordan
  4. I really like the muted colour schemes and grittiness of how you have painted them. You have a very distinct style, and i like it . Me and you are also in the same boat, i also picked the Lady J crew and Sonnia crew based purely on looks, and i started around the same time as you too Guess great minds think alike, eh? Funny you should liken the riflemen to tusken raiders, though. I thought that's what the witchling stalkers were like, so did my colour scheme for them based around the raiders, replete with cracked earth bases XD Keep up the good work bro Jordan
  5. haha, i never count on riposte, tbh, j hasnt killed a thing yet. I think thats down to rotten luck however XD (i couldnt kill a ronin with her on a full activation of melee attacks) Badge of Office is definitely an upgrade i've considered after i saw it in the book the other day (i dont have a rulebook yet, but the guild arsenal deck is coming in the post shortly) and i feel it may have helped on numerous occasions, when J has taken 9-10 dmg from a total red joker fluke from lilith (right after my opponent used it the previous turn to save said lilith from being overkilled IMMENSELY) and cost me my first and only win (my opponent admitted he would have lost after the game had he not had stupid luck when he most needed it XD). Thats probably been the only close game i've had though . My brother and regular opponent told me that soul stone usage at key points is what i struggle with the most, so i'm trying to get the hang of all the different uses of them, such as to prevent jokers and add suits. In all honesty, im just lacking in experience and knowing the rules like the back of my hand. I also think my luck has me feeling im worse than i perhaps am XD. My next game is tomorrow, and i'll post all the details shortly after. It's against Von Schill. Im also debating whether to show off my crews in the miniatures section of the forums, as im quite pleased with the way everything is coming together in terms of colour schemes. Hope I win! Jordan
  6. just bought some riflemen and guild hounds, along with the stat deck and some red bases for objectives, and they should be here for next game. ive pretty much had post game feedback of either "god... your luck is horrendous" or "im suprised you took those objectives, that one would have been better" so i just think next game, try going for the objectives much more, and hopefully, the movement of guild hounds and added ranged threat might help with flexibility. After that, ill have stat cards for everything, so will be able to check up things like combos and synergy alot easier. Other than that, thnx guys. Not really much more i can say till the next game, but ill post afterwards. Thnx all Jordan
  7. cheers for the advice i often use pine box to deny enemies objectives and take big, scary things out for a turn or two, but with my rotten luck and terrible hands, nothing stays in there for more than a turn , so i try not to rely on it. As for Dracomax, i'll keep all of that in mind for my next game, and i'll post back after my next game to tell you how it's gone . hopefully it'll be close, or, heck lets be optimistic, i might even win . Thanks alot guys! Jordan
  8. Haha, The Art of War isn't a bad paraphrase at all, what you're saying makes perfect sense, I guess ill give it some more games and see how things work out, unfortunately my next games wont be until another week or so. I'll admit, everyone i've played minus one person has had quite a bit more experience than me at the game, and one or two have been kind of close, but on the whole, i'll take your advice into account on thursday when i play my next few games. I'll try the objective over kills method next game again and see if that fares better than a balance of kill and place. I think my main problem is im too afraid of losing models due to my horrific luck to send people like Lady J in, who as i have said, hasn't killed a single person and has died every game... Rail Golems and Liliths with red jokers now haunt my nightmares! Anyways, thnx for the help guys, i appreciate the support! Jordan
  9. Thanks Mako, it was the more detailed advice i was looking for unfortunately, as i more or less know what my crews do, (I have 6 games under the belt) i just have a ridiculously hard time doing well them unfortunately . Last game I played wasn't even close ( 0-7 ) as i focused on objectives and staying alive, but just got wiped by Lilith and her (by this point due to her upgrades) 2 mature nephilim from the purchased one and grown one. I also got wiped before fulfilling a single objecive... though i did get lilith with sonnia in combat (ironic that my spell user beats Justice's equal in combat given my track record with justice ) As i've said, i know how my crews work, sonnias crew distribute burning and shoot guys up, and death marshals are a bit trickier in that they can pine box and go for objectives, it just seems every game i get stuck with a crew with one dirty trick or stupid advantage that im either too slow, too weak or too unlucky to counter Im pretty good at WH and WH40k, i just cant seem to do well, let alone win! XD I was hoping for some combo's or a general way to do well with such an all rounder crew like the death marshals, and theres little to no battle reports on youtube i can watch for help It seems placing markers is the way to go in malifaux but most of my guys dont live past the second turn to do so Again, thanks for the advice and boost of confidence i guess Jordan
  10. Hi Parallax Im new to malifaux but a kinda experienced painter If quality paints is what you want, and you aren't bothered about shipping/postage costs, Valejo paints are pretty much the best from experience. The dropper bottles are much better than gw pots, as you neednt use a brush, and since Valejo only make paints, you can be sure as hell they're good quality. The metallics are absolutly super and offer an amazing finish, far brighter than gw metallics. However, if you're not too bothered abou quality, or have a lot of them from doing WH or WH40K, citadel paints are just fine. I still use them, but I intend to make the full switch to Valejo when i run out. Washes are still in the GW range, they're just called shades now i think. GW are also beginner friendly, as they use a simple step by step process of base shade layer, but better effects can be produced when using valejo, as the colours aren't as limited. Unfortunately never used P3 paints so couldn't help you there, but my brother says they are hit and miss (some paints can be thick and others too thin), and valejo are ultimately better. Army painter do nice coloured sprays for batch painting, which is good for large model count at minimum effort, but I haven't tried the actual paints. Hopefully you can decide for yourself after reading this as to which paints you want to use. Valejo offer a larger range and are quality for (at least for me) inconveniece, as you may have to ship them in, yet GW are beginner friendly and are probably more accessible (GW's are everywhere now ) Have fun painting your gorgeous malifaux figs! Hope they turn out great! Jordan
  11. Hi all This is my first post on the forums, and i'm (as the title suggests) quite new to malifaux. I purchased two crews for The Guild faction, Lady J and her Death Marshals and Criid and her Witchling Stalkers (purely based on looks, i mean, cowboy Ghost Riders? who could pass them up!). I go into the game with my older brother, who bought various crews for various factions (Lilith, Mei-Feng, Rasputina and soon to be getting Freikorps). I've played roughly 6 games, a few with him, and a few at my games club that roped me into the game. I've got most of the rules down, and can play full games with little reference to the rulebook, but im having extreme difficulty actually doing well. In fact, i've not won a game yet XD. Partly due to luck, (i've pulled red joker once out of my 6-7 games, and had some awful hands at really important times ) but mostly due to the same thing every game; other crews seem to be able to do some crazy trick im just unable to counter that wins them the game. I got quite frustrated playing against a more experienced player using guild lawyers who held my entire crew up almost all game whilst Lucius sat claiming objectives (Lady J couldnt kill a 4 wound model) . I've also had a problem with Lady J been torn apart by EVERY single thing she has EVER engaged (she hasnt killed a single model yet). Quite frustrated with these dirty tricks, i've come to see my crews as no-where near as good as these tricky crews, as i just cant play them effectively enough to counter them, even when i know what they are doing sometimes. I really just need some help with general tactics and nasty combos to get me started with the crews i have, as playing is fun, but when im annihilated every game by pretty huge margins, its kinda frustrating. Everyone seems to say that The Guild are Jack of all trades, but i'm not really seeing that as a strength when i'm going up against these crews that can always seem to out trick me. If i try to out-shoot, they just move faster than me and close the gap. If i try and melee, i always fluff draws and fail to kill people (Case number 1: Lady J) Some general help would be nice, from anyone more experinced and/or tactically minded, as im signed up for a friendly malifaux tournament set up by the local henchman at my club, and if im gonna do this bad in it, i might as well take my own wooden spoon . Quite a lengthy post, but thanks in advance to anyone who can be bothered to read i and can help me XD Jordan
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