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  1. Ah ok I thought that's what it was but wanted to make sure thank you !
  2. So this is probably a no brainier here but I'm the type that Wants to make sure he gets it , but the Accuracy Modifier rule , is that after every opposed duel that results in damage or just certain cases ?
  3. Pinning is something I was never any good at many a metal miniatures just never got completed if they required pinning lol.
  4. Got my simple green mix going will be fun to explain to my fiancé we have to have this cup sitting around for a few days
  5. So I'm currently assembling Lady Justice and I must say she is pretty tough to put together (haven't even done up her arms yet and not even sure I put sheath on right looks right in the picture lol). Having done Games Workshop minis before this the plastic models never really gave me any trouble but this one has been really trying for me. Have you guys have had any of the 2e models that have been trying for you ? If so which ones ?
  6. Wow .. I would say that it seems pretty safe if it lasted that long in it ..
  7. I agree that it is like picking our favorite beer or should I say our usual , Citadel had been my go to through out all my years of warhammer and lord of the rings gaming(then again it's all that was sold ). being out of the hobby for so long and seeing citadel revamped their line it through me off . I will say I am glad I did come here for help as all the recommendations of Vallejo paints are well warranted ! Love the colors , how the paint is consistent , and the eye dropper bottles have me sold in this line !
  8. A 2 in 1 with that one Thank you guys for all of your replies ,looks like I may give simple green a shot (though I'm still on the fence about actually stripping the paint now , might just keep working with it too ) but it shouldn't mess with the super glue though ?
  9. Ok so I just started painting my crew and I want to branch out of my norm of just shading my models (which I have done for along time ) and do highlights for the first time . But sadly I had started painting my judge like I would if I was just going to shade . How can I remove the paint so far .. He has a black primer , brown and red paint on him so far ..
  10. I am really liking the brown leather from the model line as I'm using it for the coats on my judge and death Marshalls ..
  11. Thank you both for your well put replies , as all of my hobby purchases are mail order postage doesn't bother me and if I get quality that's what counts ! Looks like I will try out Vallejo paints ! And would love to share my progress with you guys as well ! Again thank you so much !
  12. Hello , I am just about to take the next step and paint my 2e miniatures , I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some paint recommendations , I only used citadel paints when I was heavy into warhammer but from the looks of it their catalog got a total overhaul (haven't painted miniatures in a long time lol) and I don't see washes anymore . Also Is formula p3 any good ? I saw one write up on it and the author seemed to rave about it . Any help would be great !
  13. I got into table top gaming with warhammer fantasy I would say 15 years ago . I was glad that we had a Games Workshop store near us so I could play games with other since none of my circle friends never really got into it. Played fantasy until lord of the rings came out and was sold right away on that line . Played that for about 4 years then the local games workshop closed it's doors . It was then I took a long break from gaming (it just wasn't the same ordering online then going to the store) . Recently I have gotten back into miniature table top games as my fiancée's kids love heroclix and we play every weekend . While we were on our weekend hunt for heroclix I stumbled upon Malifaux and was sold as it was a gothic / steampunk table top game !
  14. Hello everyone , My name is Rich , I'm 31 years old, I am a web developer, and I am happily engaged to an amazing woman with her two amazing boys . I am new to the world of Malifaux (was drawn to to it not only because I of my love for table top gaming but that it was a gothic / steampunk table top game!) and can't wait to jump right in and play some games !
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