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  1. Hi This is my entry for Iron Painter 2016 Round 4
  2. Hi, This is my entry for Iron Painter 2016 Round 2: Better Off (Un)Dead theme. This poor guy Loco is chased by overwhelming number of zombie chicks to the dead end. He is in trap and the only way for him to escape is to make use of the last bullet. It's better off (un)dead. Hope you like it! Regards Rafal Maj
  3. Uploaded for easier viewing of original size. Original image can be found here: http://bloodybeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/PrettyInPinkCollage.jpg
  4. I'll be running multiple bands. I don't want to stick with just one. Right now my favorite one is Lilith and her monsters. In December there should be another box for her crew in plastics (with young and mature nephilims). So I'll stick with that for a while. But I'll be working on more crews. Lady Justice and Seamus looks like perfect for demo games. And of course some Gremlins and Pigs when they finally hit plastics. Yep, it was Balefirestorm. I've found some of his forum threads about Malifaux and asked for a demo game.
  5. Joł! Nowy gracz z Krakowa się kłania. Nie mam jeszcze frakcji, ale już za parę dni będę coś miał
  6. This topic would be suspended. I've decided to go with original Malifaux models. New plastic models are on the way, so there's no need to spend time converting and trying to reach that level of quality. And yet they would be quite far away from steampunk genera, as my general idea was to use necron models (scarabs as arachnids and swarms). And that would change that steampunk atmosphere of the game. Making it just another 40k. So I'll just grab some of those new plastic minis. I'll go with a different faction though.
  7. Hi, This thread would be mostly for my painted Malifaux minis. I'll also post some terrain and battle reports.
  8. Yo! I'm new here and I do like painting miniatures. All kind. I've recently discovered Malifaux and was introduced to the game by balefirestorm I'll start with multiple crews just because I like playing different styles depending on my mood and I like models very much so that's the best way to gather more of them. I have my own blog with painted minis so stop by and check it out. BloodyBeast.com Regards Rafal Maj
  9. Hi, I'm new here and this would be topic dedicated to my first warband - Arcanists Ramos. I got into game by a friend called Balefirestorm on this forum. And I really like the game. In fact I want to start playing right now. So I need an army. I'll start with Ramos as nobody has it in my area and I can easily prox whole army using minis/bits I already have. I'll be buying Guild faction later on. And then another army as soon as I figure out what playstyle I would like best. So not sure if posting pictures of minis made by other manufacturers is legal on this forum, but this is how I'
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