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  1. This was brought up in referance to Ramos' Spider summoning during the 2E Beta and we were told that since you needed a :tomes per spider and could summon up to 3, if you only got 1 :tomes in your initial casting you could use soulstones to make up the other 2 :tomes you needed to get 3 spiders out. Leads me to assume that you can just spend as many SS as you want to keep adding suits.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm thinking that I'm going to get a $25 Rifle Case. That should hold everything I might need for a game.
  3. I had some of the same problems with my M2E Lilith Mother of Monsters box set. Barbaros' feet are SO far apart that if they were any further they wouldn't even be on a 30mm base (hence why I have a thread on here where I asked if he was supposed to be 40mm). My solution was to buy pre-made bases like these http://www.shop.microartstudio.com/shale-bases-wround-30mm-p-48.html that have a feature on them that's just slightly larger than 30mm and mounting him to that.
  4. So, I find myself at a problem. I have too many pieces to fit in the Tackle Box I've been using as a Malifaux case. A friend is selling his foam Malifaux Case for $60, but I just started a new job and am poor. I was wondering what are other players using to schlep their pieces around or what suggestions they may have. I currently have 4 50mm pieces, 3 40mm pieces and 20-30ish 30mm pieces.
  5. You could always use Lilith's totem the Malifaux Cherub painted as stone and it'd also be a good Doctor Who reference.
  6. If that works, it'd be a godsend to a monetarily poor fellow such as myself.
  7. So, I painted my Nothing Beast yesterday. I primed it in black, painted it in a basecoat of black and then dry-brushed it in various shades of green and made a look I loved. However, when I went to use the Matte Clear Coat spray to finish it, it lightened the whole damn mini so much that now the black is light grey (about the same shade as the Nothing Beast box art) and the greens are bright as well. On one hand, I'm going to have to do the same to the Void Wretches so they match, but on the other I'd like to know how to keep this from happening on the rest of the crew.
  8. I'd say if you're doing a unifying colour and are considering Purple, you may also want to consider if you'll ever get involved with The Neverborn. My initial answer to that question was a resounding "No, I'm a Guild player!". Now, several months down the line, I own crews from almost every faction in the game (with the exception of Gremlins). So, if you paint your Rezzers purple, what would you then use for the Neverborn?
  9. This made me involuntarily laugh out loud. Thank you!
  10. Well, I did. The main reason I ask is that Barbaros says 30mm, but with how far apart his feet are spread, it looks more like he was intended to be on a larger base
  11. OK, I'm a little confused. I opened up my Mother of Monsters box set to start assembly and there's 7 bases. I have 6 30mm bases and a 40mm base. Now, is one of the pieces supposed to be on 40mm and the stat cards are misprinted or have I just encountered a wild base?
  12. So, I've started on all my guild and I've got them all wearing quite a bit of red as a sort of uniform. The coats/hats on Perdita's crew and the death marshals, the hood on the Stalkers, etc... But I'm starting to feel that doing that is becoming overdone or cliche. So, I was thinking more of a hint of red on each one. The Judge's scarf, Lady Justice's blindfold, a ram design on the backs of the Death Marshalls, etc... thoughts?
  13. Need to grab one of those for my Mei Feng crew.
  14. Does eating him negate BOOM or would it still go off and just injure the twins? ---------- Post added at 09:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:23 PM ---------- I'm looking at Sonia's and the Stalker's cards now. I'm not sure I know what you mean.
  15. So in the case of running a Dreamer crew against it with Stitched, Lilitu, Lelu, coppellius and teddy's what kind of a defense can be mounted against Papa Loco?
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