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  1. Thursday night has come again, anyone itching for a game near Falls Church come on out and play
  2. You might be able to stop gap it with the 'cheat sheet' though it doesn't explain the details of the strategies and schemes.
  3. *bump* Thursday game time! I'll be out this week, thankfully lucidicide has agreed to cover for me.
  4. Thursday Malifaux night has come again, come out and play We will also be having a Saturday demo and painting day this week (Oct. 5th) from noon to 6ish
  5. Hope to see everyone Thursday for more M2E The next Saturday game/demo/hobby day is slated for October 5th, hope to see you all there
  6. The weekly Thursday Victory Comics Malifaux game day and demoing. Where:Victory Comics 586 South Washington Street Falls Church VA, 22046 (703) 241-9393 When: 6PM-9PM Come in and learn the new edition
  7. Awesome, I look forward to us getting in some more matches
  8. Thanks to everyone who came out last week, I think it went pretty well so I'm scheduling another event Where: Victory Comics 586 South Washington Street Falls Church VA, 22046 (703) 241-9393 When: Noon - 6, September 7th I hope to see everyone then
  9. Nothing too profound, a fancy XML parser/writer, using a couple different code libraries.
  10. Spooling up the coding engines, it's programming time, then off to gaming after work.
  11. Aye, it's appreciated, I'll be back in the swing of things come September, i just have Dragon*Con this weekend
  12. I find it to be a dangerous line in my experience. The large competitions that have been held in the area are great for building a sense of a larger community, and the desire to be competitive is a natural extension of that. The problem is that players get left behind, which can form dangerous schisms in a store play group. People end up not wanting to play other people because they don't have a good experience playing against them (and i'm not innocent of this, i can be a grumpy bastard at times if i can tell my game is over turns before the match is actually done). I'd say encoura
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