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  1. I'm in - probably bring the Guild as i have lots of them but might bring something stupid instead just for amusement, I'm aiming for the wooden spoon! I've asked the Salisbury lot to see who's around as well to bump up the numbers
  2. This will be going up on our website soon and has been e-mailed to our trade customers so they know what is going on. However I thought it would also be useful to put it here since I also posted the original comment about cutting Malestrom off a while ago:....... Essentially your continued Malifaux purchases are perfectly safe from all our other retailers here in the UK - numbers of which continue to grow Statement Regarding Maelstrom Games Ltd On the 1st October we made the difficult decision to assign the debt owed to Simple Miniature Games to Wayland Games Ltd for a nominal fee. This debt at the point sold stood at just under £100,000 and has been outstanding at that level and higher for over 12 months. This debt built up during a short space of time during the busiest period in our 10 year history just after significant amounts had been paid for other invoices. Promises were made to clear a large portion of the debt within a short space of time but that payment never materialised. A repayment plan was then agreed which should have seen the debt reduced significantly beyond the point that it actually has been. Unfortunately many of these payments were consistently declined and at the last the payments were continually declined. It was around this point in conjunction with our reading into the accounts of Maelstrom Games that we contacted debt recovery and debt purchase specialists in order to take further action and begin the recovery of assets to cover some the debt. Demands for the reimbursement of the failed payments and for payment of stock supplied on the 12th September for Maelstrom Games customer orders were completely ignored. As such on October 1st 2012 the debt was sold to the company which offered the best solution, not immediately for us, but for what I considered the best long term solution for our industry in the UK. We chose Wayland Games as they have a vested interest in the hobby and industry and will offer better protection to potential customers, suppliers and manufacturers, other companies would not. We have continued to trade as normal during the entire period of this debt and continue to order from our suppliers and pay them on time. Maelstrom Games are only one customer out of several dozen and our whole customer base is far, far greater than any one company. You should understand that Simple Miniature Games have supported Maelstrom through the last year even though we knew they were struggling but with our support they would continue to trade. However there are only so many broken promises that you can listen to and it became perfectly clear that assets of Maelstrom Games were being moved to other companies that had been funded by monies which should have been paid to suppliers including ourselves. There was no way Maelstrom Games could pay the debt and it would appear that steps were being taken to avoid the debts and protect other assets. This debt has not adversely affected Simple Miniature Games as a company as we can afford to continue to trade with this debt outstanding due to the reliability of our customer base and strong product lines. It has however affected myself and my wife personally as the reserves we have built over 10 years of hard work have had to cover the debt. It was always our intention to use around half of this profit to expand our warehouse and bring in another two or three new ranges including manufacturing our own. However this will now have to wait whilst we consolidate and build up the reserves for our future once again.
  3. I'm not sure what maelstrom will do about the customers they can't supply. Sometimes administrators will issue refunds if money if available to do so, but that will depend on the administrators in the next 3 weeks or so (assuming they are appointed in the next 3 weeks) We really don't know what will happen apart form the fact we won't supply him as he owes me a vast amount (and we don't know what will happen to that debt either!).

  4. Hey guys, sorry to bother you. I ordered a fair bit of stuff off Maelstrom Games using their moneyback, which was forced upon me when asking for a refund. I now have no way of getting my money back as it has been so long. Does this mean I will never receive the rulebook, and several minis I ordered?

  5. We have a couple of German customers for Wyrd, but not many - i just assumed there was a German distributor (there normally is for most games) If not I may have to look at finding a few stores to supply. If you know of any good FLGS let me know and I'll e-mail them some details
  6. Didn't know none of the local distributors wouldn't be there or I would have booked in and gone over with everything Malifaux. Next year maybe....looks like we could have some "helpers" too to run a few demos which could be useful as it's a busy time of year :1_Exhausted_Puppet:
  7. Maelstrom won't be getting any more Malifaux from us as he's been cut off due to his massive debt, which has now been sold via a debt purchase company who will be pursuing the debt and legal action. MG is running his final sales (several of them) and there is nothing much left. No further stock will be sent from us. All fate Decks, Retro Decks, rulebooks etc are all in stock here and you'll find them at any other stockist in the UK who have ordered them in. Try Firestorm, Wargames Workshop, Waugh Games, Arcane, Wayland Games, Waylands Forge, Spirit Games, Total Wargamer, Worthy Wargaming, Titan Games or any of the dozens of others who have plenty of Malifaux on the shelves. We have re-stocks coming in every other week and pretty much running straight out the door to all the stockists, so we're just ordering even more*grin**grin*
  8. There are plenty of us over here in Christchurch (Dorset / Hampshire border) We meet Thursday nights in Druitt Hall - Christchurch town centre from 5.30 to 10pm
  9. Post now updated - needs more details but at least there is a larger list you can work from
  10. The origional list is way out of date and we could probably add a whole raft of new stockists to the list - one of these days I'll get he time to do it.......although it won't be this week ..... maybe next week!!!! Oh No - Storm of Shadows comes out ......so maybe the week after*grin* It's now on my ever-long list of things to do
  11. Seems a little odd - although not about the Fate Deck as they have just come back in stock after being out for a while at Wyrd. They are back now in bulk! For the last few weeks our shelves have been full to the brim with malifaux and we've had everything in stock apart from 3 items which Wyrd didn't have the last time we ordered, which included Misaki and Gaki, there will always be the odd thing out of stock but on any normal day it's only ever 2 or 3. It's never been an issue as the next time we order (normally every 2 weeks - sometimes every week) we'll get them back in. So you shouldn't be having these problems unless your timing is really bad=-O For example Firestorm who you've already mentioned has only been missing the two items mentioned above in his last orders out of 89 items so this sort of puts it into perspective Obviously shops do have to build up orders to a minimum value before they come through but most of our customers order weekly or bi-monthly so there should never be any major issues. If you get really desperate take a day-trip to Christchurch and come and pick one off the shelf yourself....we have plenty :-)
  12. Gillian Nisic-Wise [calyx_rosae@yahoo.co.uk] These guys are looking to start a gaming group in Southampton so drop them a quick line Other than that you'd need to Travel to Christchurch on a Thursday evening.
  13. The N/A is in the VAT column as in Not Applicable - same as all the other rulebooks which come under "Books" for zero-rated VAT. Never mind I've got about 200 Rules Manuals, 180 Rising Powers and about 72 Twisting fates - so you'll be well covered I'm sure
  14. A big thanks from SMG to Clousseau, Oshova, Ratty, Spiku, CunningStunt & Mike for their demo-ing greatness and our apologies to all those new players that are indefinitely hooked on Malifaux and whose bank managers will curse us forever!*grin*
  15. Dave - you numpti:facepalm: The OLD main malifaux rulebook has been deleted and is not being re-printed, (the big original one with the fluff and the black/red cover) all other books including the Handbook (which is now the main rulebook) are in stock and have been for ever. You probably should have just asked. The sheet showed it as OOP from mid-2011 and then deleted when we got told it wasn't being re-printed. We did note it on one of the new release e-mails to say it was gone. Guessing you missed it. We haven't been out of any of the other books any time in recent history..... Going to be adding a few handbooks to this week's order by any chance????*grin*
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