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  1. I was your 2nd round oppenent, playing Pandora. Was a good game. You are right I didn't want to get slaughtered, which is what would have happened. Thanks for the great game.
  2. Does this mean you are going to run events this year again? You have run great events every year so far. Looking forward to Adepticon 2014.
  3. I'm sure the results will be up soon. I had a great time as usual at the con. It is always run smoothly and always play against great people. Rameses I played you twice, and you didn't fall asleep at all. I don't think I had a Pandora net list, who run her avatar anyways? Hope next year goes just as well.
  4. Had a great time. Played in Cake, Team, and one qualifier. I do think the team tourney could use longer rounds, and I think we would be up for 4 games. Everything ran well, everyone I played was great. I was happy I got to play against Nix in the team tourney. I would like to see the master also be a one day thing, and bring back the Brawl tourney from last year, that was fun. Also don't forget Avater Pandora popped up and beat chompy in one of the masters games.
  5. Well I have 5 Malifaux events(well once I register for the team event) for the weekend. If we make it in the first qualifier, can we still play in the second for fun anyways? Even if we end up in the top again? Can we switch faction between events? and the finals? Say you get top 4 with Guild, but want to switch to ressers. For the team event, will there be any kind of theme prizes or scoring? Also what kind of cake do people like? Need to play for that event.
  6. Was their in August, wish I could make this one, but lost all my wife karma for the month by going to Da Boyz the week before. I am going to try for Nov, if you have one.
  7. Thanks for the info. Everything went great last year, hope it goes well this year as well.
  8. Thanks for the info. For the team tournament, Brawl compatible, does that mean you can take Kirai and the Dreamer, or Zoridia and Ophellia together? Also, for the cake tournament, how many people are needed for the team? or is it individual? Thanks.
  9. Any updates on the events? Registration is this month. Also just wondering what the rules for the team tournament will be. Thanks.
  10. I like brawls. Although the only time I have played one was at Adepticon last year. No one else in my play group was 2 masters from the same faction. I like the possible for new and fun combos with 2 masters.
  11. I can't wait, was there last year and will be there this year. Please tell me there will be a brawl event. Had a good time with it last year.
  12. Just wanted a little more clarification, any enemy model without Anathema would have to take the terrifying test, even undead, constructs, and spirits. Is that correct? Thanks.
  13. It seems I have been wrong most of this thread, but I am going to say no, as the master did not directly kill the model. If the model kills itself, then it was the source of the damage and if obeyed model shot the target, then it was the source not the master. That is how I see it, but then again I could be wrong.
  14. I saw that thread but lost it when weird said they would have to discuss it after gencon. That is cool, I think I may have to use her more for objective games now. But the main question is, does the person casting obey count as the one killing the model if they force them to kill themselves.
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