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ELIM IP RD5 Space Oddity "Houston, We've Had a Problem"


At this point I'm in the Iron Painter purely for the fun factor and the satisfaction of proving I'm able to deliver my fifth themed work within the time limit.

I'd known I was going to use Nekima even before the beginning of round 5. The theme made things... complicated. I had this idea but didn't know how to get round making a space shuttle. After looking at pictures of the shuttle from Apollo 13 mission, I came up with the idea of using paint bottles and some random bits I had. I realize it's not a competition-winning quality but I had fun working on it and hopefully it will make some of you smile.

and BTW - the title is not a mistake, these are the actual words spoken by captain Lovell, it's just that they get misquoted a lot (probably mainly because of how they were used in the movie).

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Round 5 - Space Oddity

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