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Fi Fi Fo Dumb


Listen to Kai, Keep It Simple Stupid. Don't get any daft ideas. This is Iron Painter, 2 weeks sounds like a long time but its not. You need to do a single mini on a plain base, don't get clever just Keep It Simple Stupid! Did I listen? Of course I bloody didnt! I got Stupid, just like Jack did. he only had to sell the cow. Still, he wasn't as stupid as that giant!! This was a big effort. It took a week to just get the beanstalk sculpted and balanced. There are no weights or anything in the base and the giant is only attached at his hands, the rest is pure balance. (and I made sure the stalk is cut so its in mid-air and not a basing element!).

Theres even a little homage to my opponent!

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This work is definetly very well balanced xD big ass viking hanged on a bean and mounted on 30mm base, what can be better. And thanks for the mention ^_^

Irony and sarcasm would be great topic for one of the Iron Painter rounds.

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Haha, I knew somebody was going to do something crazy like this by connecting something small at the base and having it get huge as it goes up. It looks really good. I can't believe you managed to balance the whole thing.

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The composition and the fact that you were able to get this balanced is impressive in itself. But I am even more impressed by the painting - especially the highlight on the pants and all the metal bits :) 

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