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  1. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    Alt Rafkin - Rowan Nilsson. One of my favorite female sculpt in Malifaux. Dicey studio is an awesome place I am working in right now in Saint Petersburg.
  2. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    Its been a long time I didn't post anything. The reason is an amount of commission orders. And I can't be happier. For real. I am doing stuff that make me feel great. Just wanna show you current updates in one collection of Resurrectionists. Rafkin Rogue Necromancy Gaki Hail yourselves and be fun!
  3. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    After a quite long break I am back with some new but already dead stuff.
  4. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    Thank you. Sure! I was using next Game Color: as base color - "Khaki", as hightlights - "Bonewhite" and "Pale yellow", as a shadows - "Leather brown" and mix of "Leather brown" and any black I got for places where puppet's parts are connected. The process was next: Apply base color all ower the "wood" Cover light places with mix of khaki and bonewhite (as thin as possible, even like a glaze) using as a source original art. It's working for me everytime to be honest. Using "Leather brown" apply first shadow. Apply "Bonewhite" as a final highlight (light strokes like on a wood texture and dots). This step is tricky. I used mix of "Leather brown" +black, just 'Leather brown" and with a 2/0 brush (the thinest I have) and light strokes I started to paint "wood cracks" . TO make them even, "three-dimensional" and more natural I hightlight every "crack" with "Bonewhite". Final step - outline connections with "Leather brows" +black. I hope it'll help you. Be free to ask anything.
  5. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    Hello everybody! Happy to share mine Master of Puppet crew.
  6. Monthly painting challenge 2017 -- May

    My May. Because of some circumstances I didn't paint exactly what I said I will. But if it'll count... In total: Molly (15 ss), Valedictorian (10 ss) , Student of Steel (7 ss), carion effigy (4 ss), arcane effigy (4 ss), guild autopsy (12 ss), Bete Noir (8 ss), Mechanical Rider (12 ss) and Philipe and Nanny (8 ss). 80 ss total.
  7. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    For today let's talk about dogs. Because they are cute, awesome and...dead! Yeah. Here's man and his little buddy (it's kind a funny in comparison with Sebastian's height). And Canine remains painted using "speed paint techniques" I know.
  8. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    So two and a half years ago we found this amazing skirmish game Helldorado. They have realy nice sculpturing and consept. Unfortunaty in Russia there isn't any comunity so in fact nobody to play with. I painted three models and stoped but after I got through all my miniature painting the idea to paint some of that always sit in a corner of my mind. Finaly today it's happening. Here's wip of Jawrs of the Deep from Lost fracsion
  9. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    And Valedictorian aka. "Flying zombie" I decided to flee from original grey nmm and for the first time do blue nmm! And I really glad how model looks in the end.
  10. Weekly blog - Monomatana and scary guys. Ep. 1

    Finished flesh construct