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  1. Thank you. Well, I'll do my best in Silver
  2. Lots of painters are in gold tier. Most of them has perfect skills: sculpturing and painting. But man-o-man your atmospher is gorgeous. There was a great terrifiic flood in city were I live. The disaster was so unberreble that till then floods became even a peculiar phenomenon of Russian culture. And yeap..the highest water point in 1824 was 4.21.
  3. Wow. It's amazing. Made me stare into monitor for awhile. It's musical, even lyrical scene - сolorful ocean vibe. Absolutely love it.
  4. In the far future cities changed, people changed and the weather.Nuclear winter brought constant rain and human emotional detachment...
  5. In the far future cities changed, people changed and the weather. Nuclear winter brought constant rain and human emotional detachment...
  6. Thank you very much.I feel like I have already received a great reward in the form of your guys feedback and understanding that audience saw what I wanted to show. Amazing feeling
  7. Iron Painter round One (Objest source lighting). Branches, paper, glue of different kind, texture paste, tree bark and much more. Stolen model from Plague cometh fit incredibly well in the composition. Little bit of fear in his eyes but still strong belive his gonna make it through. Silly boy. I really passionate abot forest theme in art so it wasn't difficult to choose a direction to work. I think you couldn't call this piece "OSL kinda" in general because the object of the light isn't there in the composition but I like it. Now it's time to wait the results
  8. You ever been in the dark wood? Were you scared? Well you should have been
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