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  1. I mean, thats not a bad thing.... I was able to take care of Nicco on turn one, activation one because of it (flipping a red joker for damage might have happened) But seriously, Sparks is quickly becoming one of my favorite henchmen. The ability to manipulate constructs is hilarious, having a nimble, fast, glowy Whiskey Golem (shutup, dont judge me) is always entertaining. Plus, marching sparks up with the golem will often put a number of bruisers and heavys in the hostile work environment, always a good thing. He is not for everyday use, but If you are planning on taking any number of constructs or the like, I would highly recommend him.
  2. So youre thinking give sparks the ability to create survivors out of corpse markers or out of severely damaged gremlins? I think that would go a long way in making them more competitive
  3. I want to like these guys, I really do. I have fielded them a couple times and tried to use them as scheme-runners, but I feel like they are missing something (armor?) to make them really good. Has anyone found a niche with these guys? I love the models and the fluff surrounding them and want to use them more.
  4. I havent read that story yet, if only there was a monster PDF or mobi or something that I could load into my e-reader
  5. you know the Brewmaster doesnt have a proper hat, but he is the keeper of the 'shine. might be worth exploring
  6. You say mixup, this made me want to buy it more
  7. Ahh, thank you, he is in my collection already, I never realized he was an alt sculpt (oops)
  8. What is the alt "Gremlin" Im confused about that one.
  9. oh man, I would really try to figure out where to sneak in a moon shinobi into the mix, But I love the idea, and I love me some Alestorm!
  10. ok, I found it in the rules "No Line of Sight A model has No LoS to a target if no LoS line can be drawn between the acting model and the target model without crossing blocking terrain or the base of another model (friendly or enemy). If an Attacker has No LoS to a model, then that model is not a valid target, unless otherwise noted." ~ page 41 So if the figure is completely enshrouded by the smoke, you cant draw LoS , however, if you can sneak a peak at their base, it does not provide any cover at all. This makes way more sense in my head now
  11. so what im hearing is that the iron skeeters just need to hide in the mud as well. ich, thats a fun thought
  12. Did my first rapid growth league with Brewie, I got really good with him and Fingers ended up with a machine gun and regen. He quickly went from scheme runner to heavy hitter
  13. Bumping this old thread because I ran into this exact situation a couple days ago. So they way that its being play right now is there is no cover being added for the smoke, even though its a ht 5, blocking and impassable? The rule book states "A model will gain the benefits of cover from a Projectile Attack when any LoS line between the Attacking model and the target model can be drawn through any terrain with the soft or hard cover traits that is within 1” of the target model." if something is blocking AND impassable, I am trying figure out how it cant provide cover.
  14. As one who frequently rocks out to blind guardian, I approve!
  15. Well, we have an answer. Maybe Wyrd will let us know what changed and what the heck was going on?