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  1. Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    Have we had any confirmation that the models in these story encounters are useable outside of said story encounters?
  2. Masters 2019 Community Feedback

    With regards to including food: perhaps an optional "food ticket". Take orders and get a delivery at a suitable time - if it's compulsory in the ticket too many people have dietary requirements that is going to cause a lot of unrest.
  3. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    May I please have: Stuffed Vine leaves Meat Moussaka Thanks Tom Skitt
  4. Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Ah - only just seen this! Yes, can I be put down for the meal as well, please? Tom Skitt
  5. Gaining Grounds 2018

    Premium 2.75" x 4.75" Tarot Card(s)
  6. Gaining Grounds 2018

    You can't gain the shed blood condition on turn 1. Only if you kill something "on any turn after the first". Hmm. Is a Strategy Marker with Terrain traits a Terrain Marker? I don't think it is, but could be. Actually like the idea for cinematic value if it is. Might not be the best for competitive structure.. .
  7. The Boars are Back In Town - 24 February 2018

    Season pass purchased!
  8. Double post

    Hello Al
  9. Dark Sphere Christmas Social - Wed 20th Dec 2017

    Hello All Just to let you know we are having a day of Malifaux fun next Wednesday at Dark Sphere, London next Wednesday (20th December). Not a tournament by any stretch of the imagination, just a few tables booked in for the whole day. I'm going to write a couple of Christmas themed story encounters for people to have a go at if they desire - just turn up when you are free, play who ever is around and leave when you want/have to. On previous occasions I don't think anyone has had to wait around too long to get a game, and it's just a fun way to get a game or two in and meet our group. I'm planning to get there for opening at 11am and will probably head to the pub at some point in the evening... If you are new to Malifaux, I will be happy to run you through a demo game. Regardless, if you are free and in the area come and say hi! We're a friendly bunch, promise! Details for Dark Sphere: http://www.darksphere.co.uk/shop.php Come join us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/darkspheremalifaux/ One of the story encounters I have in mind is a variation on an Enforcer Brawl, so make sure you bring along an Enforcer. Hope to see many old and new faces there! Tom
  10. Enforcers Assemble/LOEH 27/28th January - Coalville

    Paid for both Tom Skitt
  11. So who is running Yan Lo (Wave 5) and how is it going?

    Yup - that's something I plan to try...
  12. So who is running Yan Lo (Wave 5) and how is it going?

    He's immense! I've had a handful of games with him now and by turn 3 he is able to grab the game by the scruff of the neck and do everything himself. I considered Lilith to be the best all-around master in the game and Yan Lo is now in the same bracket: they have similar tricks, and although Lilith's abilities are better, with Ca8 and no suit dependence, Yan Lo is more reliable. Crew building has to change - previously I would take a crew to do the work (largely Ancestors) and Yan Lo would support. Now I find expendable crews to be more beneficial. The only Ancestor I take is Chiaki, and I've never needed to pass off chi, it's just because she is generally very good. Because Yan Lo plays much more aggressively for me now, this idea of him as a tank is less secure. Even fully powered up, your opponent will happily nickle and dime him: I've got very close to losing him on several occasions. For this reason, I think Fortify the Spirit is essential to provide a little further deterrent or just ensure you can avoid that killing blow. Misdirection might work, but it works in less situations. Another reason why I don't take Ancestors - I'm not taking Reliquary. My current favoured list is: Yan Lo w/ Awakening, Follow Their Footsteps and Fortify the Spirit Soul Porter Chiaki w/ Peaceful Waters Goryo Goryo Onryo Pathfinder Trap Monk of Low 10T Brother
  13. Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

    There is a Facebook group: Dark Sphere Malifaux
  14. Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

    It's certainly my hope to run regular events at Dark Sphere. Not sure if there will be another tournament of this scale this year, but certainly next year.