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  1. This is less about the extra damage and more about Rotund. Soul Porter hitting at 2/3/4 is nice, Lust will probably focus and hit once unless using Recalled Training. The important thing is all tgis is going on behind a 100x50mm wall: your opponent can not see SP or Lust, can't see the friendly model to assist, it's "come over here - dead". To stop it, they have to attack Yan Lo or the Statue. Bring Toshiro to make use of excess scrap and it's not a pleasant choice for them. Think Headhunter.
  2. Oh yeah - course they are. Thanks!
  3. Apologies if this is in the wrong place: I submitted an application to become a henchman a few weeks ago - I got a confirmation email but my pc was acting funny and I haven't heard anything since. Is it possible to confirm if you received my application, please?
  4. Hmm: Yan Lo. Soul Porter. Obsidian Statue. Lust. 20ss. Yan Lo puts models next to Statue. Soul Porter hits them for 2/3/4 damage at ca6 and hands off chi to Lust. Pretty soon, Lust is going to be hitting at ca10 doing 2/3/7 damage and then messing with opponents deck. Anyone not like the sound of that?
  5. (The above is certainly... let's call it "optimistic"... but I'm interested to see what would get people excited for this model. I personally love the concept and don't think it's terribly far from hitting the mark. I'm fine with the cursed statue ability, because thematically I think it works and it's role is so different to Fuhatsu's that I think it doesn't cuddle the model too badly.)
  6. Ooo - I like the idea of an interaction with burning! It wouldn't be entirely unique, but just not removing the burning condition would be awesome for Dark Energies. What if the Obsidian Fists action was changed to: Ml 8 / rst: Df / Rg 2": Target suffers 2/2/3 damage. This action gains if the target has the burning condition. Immolating Grip: after damaging, target gains the burning condition equal to the amount of damage caused. If Dark Energies then also prevented burning from being removed, the Statue becomes less of a direct damage dealer, more "I'm going to set you on fire, you're not going to be able to walk away, and I'll laugh as you burn to a crisp!" I've always wanted to play Mei Feng as a burning/combat master but never found it successful - something like this would make it more viable. Would also, in my opinion, be very different to the other models out there.
  7. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to playtest this week, so I'll just leave my thoughts: This model jumped out at me when reading the first set of documents. For me, this is a really exciting concept - my first thought went to Asami who will love this for marker generation. The purpose of this model in my opinion is to tank and create markers for those that head it, and there are two key groups of abilities. Brittle here we are looking at a model that should take a considerable amount of ap to remove, and doing so may cause it's own problems for the opponent. For this, consider the following attributes: df, wd, brittle, armour and reconstitute. I'm fine with df3 - it's a model you want to tempt attacks to, and for a giant statue is totally in theme. The point that many people seem to make is that anti-armour tech is too prevalent and that someone who ignores armour will go through the Obi Statue in two or three hits easily. I would like to fly the following suggestion: either wd stat increased to 12 to make it a true effort to budge, or replace "Armour +2" with: "Solid As A Rock: reduce all damage this model suffers by 2 to a minimum of 1" Same effect, but by renaming it, things that ignore armour will not ignore it. There are still models in the game that ignore all reduction, but these are less prevalent and force specific models to be used to combat the Statue. Brittle is a great ability combined with Mei Feng or Asami... ot Torshiro, and Reconstitute gives it a very strong purpose when these synergies are not present. The other issue I have with this set of abilities is that I know if I play the Statue with Asami, my opponent is going to read the card, look at their crew to see if they have anything that ugniees armour and, if not, just shrug and say: "well I'm not attacking that". There's nothing terribly frightening about the model to force your opponent to deal with it. One option to rectify this is to improve it's damage output, but for 9ss you can't have a tough model that puts out scary amount of damage, however, I think there is room in 10T for another 11+ss model. Interested to know people's thought: would you pay 11ss for the Statue if it came with 12-14wd and did say 3/4/5 damage in the spew lava and 2/4/6 damage on obsidian fist? Dark Energies the second set of abilities that seem key to this model are Rotund, Dark Energies and Cursed Statue. I really like this part of the card. Rotund, as I understand it is really an attempt to make Malifaux's first 100x50mm base model, with the marker actually being part of the model. I would like to see this carried through by the marker being placed after this model completes a walk or charge action rather than at the end of the activation. This seems more thematically correct, and also makes Dark Energies more useful as Statue could walk and place the marker in front of it to get the bonus to a spew lava attack on a model 5" ahead. Here is another idea for making the Statue a model your opponent has to deal with: as rotund makes it the biggest model in Malifaux, get it to count as two models for strategy purposes. I know we have this at the moment with Tanuki, but thematically fits in my head, and just gives that extra incentive to draw attacks from your opponent. Also, for mostly thematical reasons I'd love to see the marker count as a friendly construct. I'm not aware of any other instance where a marker has been given a models characteristic, but think it would be fun. Creates another railwalker point for Mei, and... no other consequence that I can think of. Can anyone think of a reason why this wouldn't work? I love the concept of dark energies - there has been talk that Thunders don't really benefit from Ca attacks, but I think there are plenty of ok/middling attacks in 10T that would benefit from the boon. I'm thinking Komainu (are they Ca or Ml, suddenly not sure), Obsidian Oni, Lust! Yan Lo, Yin... Sure there's plenty more. These attacks go from reasonable to remarkable with the Dark Energies. These are my thoughts: please feel free to inform me how wrong I am.
  8. Quick report from this evenings game against @S4lt as it's late in the UK: Flank Deployment Stake A Claim Claim Jump * ** Frame for Murder Eliminate the Leadership ** Mark for Death * Last Stand * taken by @S4lt ** taken by @Skitt_Happens Tara (@s4lt) - Dead of Winter - Eternal Journey - Knowledge of Eternity Nothing Beast - Oathkeeper - Void Shield Scion of the Void - Oathkeeper Talos - may have had an upgrade, not sure Malifaux Child Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch Void Wretch McCabe (@Skitt_Happens) - Promises - Badge of Speed - Glowing Sabre Katanaka Crime Boss - Smoke Grenades Katanaka Crime Boss - Hidden Agenda Chiaki - Peaceful Waters Luna Charm Warder Monk of Low River 10T Brother Turn 1 Lots of repositioning. Tara stood still and gave, what felt like everything fast. Two wretches go down one flank, Chiaki moves to counter. Other two wretches go down opposite flank, countered by 10T Bro, only for Nothing and Scion to overload the latter flank and remove the bro instantly. Thunders advance through centre, McCabe puts reactivate and badge of Speed on Luna who runs ahead to drop an early claim marker. Talos double walks Crime Boss 1 walks, drops a scheme and puts up territory (not for any benefit, just because I could) Crime Boss 2 walks, takes a defensive stance and black jokers territory (justifying taking the action for no reason) Warder fails to put charm of hiding on McCabe and double walks to discourage a beast bomb through the centre Turn 2 Tara puts slow on Crime Boss 1 and Warder. LR monk takes it off crime boss 1. Wretch puts it back on. Warder hits Tara with charm of entropy (+2) when she is already committed to reactivate and has no cards in hand, and puts vanish onto crime boss 2. Boss 2 charges Tara: lesson, nagamaki, territory, all successful dealing 5 damage total after prevention (and drawing a card when Tara reactivates). Talos double walks to block claim jump scheme. Boss 1 does nothing with his 1 ap. In other news, Luna drops another marker, but wretches and Scion drop 3. Nothing Beast used as jumping platform for Scion. Tara prevents damage from entropy on reactivate with Soulstone. Chiaki tries, and fails to blast wretch to make insignificant. Tara 1 - McCabe 0 Turn 3 Tara suffers damage from Entropy giving up a point for Eliminate. She then hits a couple of people for slow and teleport to the furthest corner of her deployment zone and proceeds to hide for the remainder of the game. Discards to remove Entropy. Wretches drop schemes for claim jump and another claim marker. Thunders can't get a second marker down (far enough away from enemies). Luna spends the next 2 turns being given slow and having it removed and being given it again... until turn 5 when I notice she is immune. Boss 2 gives Talos a lesson, but black jokers his Nagamaki attack. Puts up territory to draw a card when Talos activates. Talos burries Warder (who's holding glowing sabre), fails to damage him and scream does nothing. Boss 1 double walks to try and put some pressure on Tara. Tara 3 - McCabe 1 Turn 4 McCabe hits Talos twice doing 3 damage, then Boss 2 teaches him a lesson and hits him, cheating in the red joker for damage to kill Talos and release Warder * thought that only now occurs to me: should Warder be effected by his own barrier to the other world ability? *. Territory failed to go off. Nothing Beast marks Warder for Death and hits him - not quite killing him. Warder activates and fails horror duel from Nothing Beast (black joker on from promises!). We had initially forgotten about the horror duel and I therefore had already tried, and failed to get charm of hiding off on himself. Boss 1 - having watched Tara triple walk off into the distance, turns his attention to the Malifaux Child. The encounter was very brief and very messy. One hit for 6 damage. Not much else changed on the board as I struggled vainly with a bad hand and worse flips to get any sort of a foothold in the game. I manage to get markers down for claim jump at last. Tara 5 - McCabe 1 Turn 5 Boss 2 fails to hit Nothing Beast twice with a lesson. Nothing Beast kills Warder scoring mark for Death. Chiaki stakes a claim that removes one of each of our existing markers, McCabe dismounts, reactivates & nimbles Luna and pushes boss 1 into position to drop a marker, which he does. Luna runs through to place another and monk secures claim jump. Tara and wretch secure claim jump on other end if board. Final score: Tara 7 - McCabe 4 Thoughts: Talos He is really a supersized, Tara specific Death Marshal. He did his job really well. At times I felt that I had no resist to what he was doing, but I think that was my cards more than anything. He went down fairly quickly, but in hindsight it took 2 activations of an 8ss beater and one of a master - so that seems reasonable. In all I felt he was good without being insurmountable: good value at 8ss... maybe theoretical "8.5"as model. Charm Warder Nice model. Really like the design direction. We didn't see a lot of him this game. Nice and versatile - good denial piece. I'm not sure if it is intended that barrier to another world should effect him and we missed it during the game. Perhaps the word "other" should be added into the ability to clear that up. Charms of Vanishing and Hiding are brilliant - or they would be if I could get them off! - initial thought is that either the TN should go up or non-leader added. For a 5 ss minion to give disguised to your master for a 7 seems a luttle too good. Charm of Entropy is excellent. I think it's fine balance wise, as in most cases, each instance is worth 1 wd and 1 card. I accidentally hit the freak sweet spot where @S4lt was forced to spend 2 cards, a Soulstone and suffer 2 wd on his master. I can't imagine that will come up too often. Katanaka Crime Boss This was not a scheme pool for a Boss. And I decided to take 2... because... i wanted to play with them! Is there any better reason? I took two because I thought 1 would die pretty quickly, as it was they were never attacked except to put slow on them (which may as well have been paralysed, because with 1 ap they drop in efficiency so considerably they become almost completely neutered). I really like them: I think they deliver one unholy strike and/or can set up other models for truly horrifying turns. Best in a brawl situation probably. Not Stake a Claim. My opponent did not seem too impressed by them, saying they didn't deliver a lot. They can take some set up, but I think they offer the potential for some really devastating combos. If I could change one thing I would probably swap laugh off (an ability I love, so I don't say this lightly) for immunity to slow, and maybe horror/paralysed too... or maybe they could have both...? Thunders Territory is a really nice ability. I didn't get any use out of Protection Money, but that would make them priceless in the right scheme pool. In general, it's worth adding that @S4lt was prepping for a tournament and I think put a lot more thought into his list, where I just threw some things together that I thought would be fun. And they were!
  9. I'm in and paid!
  10. Cool - I'll just double check work and trains, will confirm tomorrow if that's okay?
  11. Oh really? I'm a bit behind in my fluff: I was under the impression that the Oyabun was Earthside and Misaki, while still under him, was in charge of Malifaux affairs... I stand corrected. Must read more!
  12. Isn't that true of everyone in the Ten Thunders faction? Some characters may have their own agenda, but Misaki is head of the clan in Malifaux, and the clan is the faction.
  13. The new Tanuki made me laugh out loud! Love the flavour of this model: an ideal game involves one or two Tanuki finding a safe place and going to sleep!
  14. On the other hand, you can hire iggy. Summon a voodoo doll, hem and hit with 6 burning. End of the turn, hemmed model takes 12 damage. Per voodoo doll. This is really not the most broken interaction with Voodoo dolls.
  15. My reading of it is that it does nothing on it's own - again damage flips are questionable. If the shinobi focuses, that would put them on . Luck Thief states: "may not treat modifiers as modifiers" so that over rides Drunken Kung Fu.