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  1. Sandeep and the models commonly used with him have a very versatile toolbox (summoning, actions outside activation, pushes and places, card draws, defensive abilities, + to attack flips) with few weaknesses. On top of that, because in a typical Sandeep list there are multiple models that can borrow his actions, you can't really stop that by eliminating a particular model - if you kill one, most of the time another model will use beacon. At the moment, when playing against Sandeep, it's definitely not only player skill that decides who comes out on top - I keep seeing games where Sandeep player would, by their own admission, make plenty of mistakes and still win even though their opponent gave their best performance. Don't get me wrong - Sandeep is not unbeatable and requires considerable skill to be used effectively. Still, at the moment, a Sandeep crew in capable hands has no hard counters and a great edge over most other crews in the game and in most scheme pools, and I can see no other master that would get this kind of advantage in comparable number of matchups and scenarios.
  2. Lakshman

    UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

    Bought 4 tickets: Leszek Dziubek Jakub Borsa Bartłomiej Staszczyk Piotr Jaworski
  3. I'd like to invite everyone to The Clock Is Ticking - 50 ss fixed faction Malifaux tournament in Krakow, Poland. It will take place on Saturday, February 24th in MDK on Grunwaldzka 5 in Krakow and will use GG18 rules. The first game will start at 10:15 AM. Entry fee is 15 PLN. You can find all the details here (in Polish): https://www.facebook.com/events/165481490749007/
  4. Check out our new art for FB background image, made by a talented local artist (and gamer)! Also, there are 18 seats left - you can still join and have fun with us in March!
  5. Lakshman

    GG 2018 encounters

    That is how scheme pool works in GG2018 - there's a new scheme pool generation system. There is no always scheme - there are schemes paired with strategies. And the remaining 4 schemes are all numbered, there are no suited or doubles schemes anymore.
  6. Lakshman

    [Poland] Demo games in Kraków

    January update.
  7. We're proud to announce Malifaux Polish Nationals 2018! Polish community has grown steadily for the past few years, we had participated in some great events in the UK, and we think it's the high time to organize a large event targeted at both Polish and international community. Below you can find the draft information about it - save the date, tell your friends, check the flights, and come and have fun with us next March! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: just leave a post here or in the Facebook Event or write us an e-mail at malifaux.krakow@gmail.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/170959753507561/ Date: 2018/03/17-18 Place: Arka, al. 29 listopada 50, Kraków Player limit: 64 Cost: TBA 50 PLN, or 12 EUR for non-residents Payment methods: Wire transfer, Paypal Tickets: send an e-mail to: malifaux.krakow@gmail.com and you'll get the Paypal/bank account data to make your payment Timetable (DRAFT) Saturday: 9:00-9:30 Registration 9:30-11:30 Game I 11:45-13:45 Game II 13:45-14:30 Lunch break 14:30-16:30 Game III 16:45-18:45 Game IV Evening: Afterparty (details TBA) Sunday: 10:00-12:00 Game V 12:00-13:00 Lunch break + Painting contest 13:00-15:00 Game VI 15:00-16:00 Clean-up, Awards ceremony Rules of Engagement: - 50 SS Fixed Faction (optional: Fixed Master, Fixed Roster, Trinity) 2:00 h per game - We'll use Malifaux 2nd Edition rules witth the most recent FAQ and errata, Gaining grounds 2018 and a set of Polish rules clarifications (will be translated soon) - Only fully painted crews allowed. Conversions allowed. Proxy models allowed if they clearly represent the model (if in doubt, contact us) - TO and referees have final say in case of any rules disputes - Referee will announce the last round 10 minutes before the end time and last activation once the round countdown strikes zero) - You declare the faction (or master/roster) during registration - Players need to use one of officials Wyrd fate decks or a regular deck of cards. Suits and values need to be clear and legible. You also need to have your own tape measure and any markers you may need to use (scheme, corpse, scrap, blast markers). Other considerations: - If you want a lunch box, let us know by e-mail. Lunch box will cost 15 PLN per day (so 30 PLN for both Saturday and Sunday). Please state if you're vegetarian or vegan. - Accomodation: There are two hotels and a student guest house in vicinity. We will provide the details soon - Transport from Krakow Airport/Krakow Railway Station: Soon Registered players: 1. Adrian Bykowski 2. David Brown 3. Michał Wencel 4. Łukasz Bober 5. Rafał Bieliński 6. Paweł Zawisza 7. Paweł Gawryś 8. Adam Piotrowski 9. Györki Gergely 10. Piotr Jaworski 11. Jan Kosiński 12. Tamás Oláh 13. Wojciech Tekielski 14. Věra Žůrková 15. Miroslav Žůrek 16. Bartłomiej Staszczyk 17. Filip Kalinowski 18. Jakub Kwolek 19. Bożydar Nowicki 20. Michał Pepliński 21. Dariusz Skowron 22. Bartosz Pepliński 23. Szymon Piecuch 24. Mariusz Kościańczuk 25. Tim de Groot 26. Maric Alexei 27. Gjalt Hooijkamp 28. Maciej Młocek 29. Grzegorz Grabski 30. Michał Sowa 31. Tomasz Hostyński 32. Przemysław Staniszewski 33. Maciej Pasek 34. Maciej Boncławek 35. Przemysław Biernat 36. Tomasz Biernat 37. Dariusz Olczak 38. Radomir Marcisz 39. Aleksander Szafaryn 40. Krzysztof Wojtas 41. Krzysztof Belczyk 42. Arkadiusz Kuc 43. Kamil Kalinowski 44. Andrzej Drewnicki 45. Jacek Obłaza 46. Jacek Pągowski 47. Tomasz Gromadzki 48. Grzegorz Hennig 49. Przemysław Majewski 50. ... Reserve list: Paweł Kozieł
  8. I'd like to invite everyone to Risky Ventures - 50 ss fixed faction Malifaux tournament in Krakow, Poland. It will take place on Saturday, January 13th in MDK on Grunwaldzka 5 in Krakow and will use GG18 rules (if they are out by then). The first game will start at 10:15 AM. Entry fee is 15 PLN. We will use GG17 rules. You can find all the details here (in Polish): https://www.facebook.com/events/1578638992218985/
  9. I'd like to invite everyone to Haunted Mansion - 50 ss fixed faction Malifaux tournament in Krakow, Poland. It will take place on Saturday, December 2nd in MDK on Grunwaldzka 5 in Krakow. The first game will start at 10:15 AM. Entry fee is 15 PLN. We will use GG17 rules. You can find all the details here (in Polish): https://www.facebook.com/events/130667907648193/
  10. Lakshman

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Limited upgrades are currently tied to crews instead of individual models. This means, for example, that if you have Misaki with Stalking Bisento or The Storm, you can't put any of River Styles on Sensei Yu in the same crew. Reported this via the contact form as well.
  11. A local player has approached me recently with the following issue. We have Lynch with the Rising Sun and Hungering Darkness with Death Contract. Huggy gets reduced to 0 wounds by an enemy action. Both Death Contract and Eternal Darkness (from The Rising Sun upgrade) get triggered now (DC: When this model is killed or sacrificed bye enemy model's action or ability; ED: When a friendly Hungering Darkness model in play is killed). General timing states that other models resolve their abilities after acting model and defending model. Does that mean that Huggy gets to make the attacker discard 2 cards or be killed, then it is buried, and it can repeat it when it is unburied and reduced to 0 wounds again?
  12. I'm pleased to invite everyone to the IX Gaining Grounds league in Krakow, Poland. You can register until September 30. We will play 5 two-week rounds, beginning from October 1. Detailed information (in Polish) can be found here: http://forum.vanaheim.pl/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=983 If you wish to attend or have any questions, please contact me via PM. Registration fee is 15 PLN. Games are usually played at Vanaheim store at Lubicz 34/6 in Krakow. Malifaux players tend to meet on Wednesday evening, but games can be arranged any time you find suitable (within store opening hours).
  13. Lakshman

    [Poland] Demo games in Kraków

    October update.
  14. I'd like to invite everyone to Protect Our Holdings - 50 ss fixed faction Malifaux tournament in Krakow, Poland. It will take place on Saturday, September 23rd in MDK on Grunwaldzka 5 in Krakow. The first game will start at 10:15 AM. We will use GG17 rules. You can find all the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/137159586895117/
  15. Lakshman

    August 15th - App

    I like the general direction it is taking. Regarding the layout, if you need to tap each ability to display its description, I hope the app will be really well-optimized. Also, the order of factions seems to be odd, I'd expect either the same order as in books or alphabetical one, but maybe that is due to it still being in the works. I LOVE the idea of having separate lists of owned, painted and favorite models, I assume you can use those as filters during selection. Will we be able to save not just crews, but also encounters? I would love the possibility to have the encounter prepared for each game before a tournament. I guess the general layout could still use improvement. Certain elements feel way too large (e.g. headings like "Deployment", "Strategy" and such), and I counted at least 4 different fonts used in those screenshots - but I guess this will all be polished at a later stage of development.