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  1. Draugr

    I love them as a molly summon, because they have min damage of 3 so its a nice option against single targets.
  2. How are you using Jaakuna Ubume

    I used her in some funny games in my yan lo crew. He can give her armor and it combines very nice with incoporeal. He is also able to heal her up if she gets low on wounds and with lightning dance you can place whichever model you like next to her
  3. Anna Lovelace- do you use her?

    I like to play her against ten thunders as they tend to push their own stuff alot and she annoys my opponent alot when placed around the informant marker...
  4. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    I think this helps the lgs' s a lot, i just would like to get an opportunity to buy the special miniatures, like amelia and stuff, at my lgs as well, so i dont miss out on them
  5. Hey guys, I would like to know if the following is possible: I bury a model with anna lovelaces glimpse the void trigger Use the corpse candles (0) the essence remains and kill the corpse candle Is it possible to target the unburied model with one of the (0)'s effects or does the unbury happen after i choose a target for the (0)? Thx for your help!
  6. Alpha defence against alpha attack

    Isn t it possible to charge through seishins because of their incorporeal?
  7. I dont know how you convert corpses to scheme markers with phillip. His 0action discards an enemy scheme marker for a corpse....
  8. Ressers General advice please

    On the other hand we have our nice new upgrade "my little helper". So you could summon them in one round
  9. Ressers General advice please

    I meant that she summons them over two turns...
  10. Ressers General advice please

    Also you can hide behind two summoned seishin who ported to seamus at the beginning of his activation to use his backalley action
  11. Advice against Sandeep

    You could make your own blocking terrain with the emissarys shards action or you play someone like sebastian who s aura is against shooting. Another idea are night terrors to reduce the range of their attacks... Just thinking out loud here...
  12. I have a related question: is taelor allowed to charge if i summon a say punk zombie in 1" of her?
  13. Divergent Paths: Rezzer Edition

    Hmm.. what do you think about kirai? She can summon and kill if she needs to and ikyro cant be removed before the game. Probably play her with lost love cause of blind deployment and some belles and doxies. The rest of the crew could focus on schemes, so necropunks or crooligans..
  14. Divergent Paths: Rezzer Edition

    So, do you guys have any advice on playing this weeks trickster strategy? I was thinking on playing molly, because she is an agressive summoner and i think summoning should be a strong ability this week. But what else should we pick? Nothing over 5 points because it could get removed before the game starts? Or maybe only bigger pieces so the opponent cant remove all big threats?
  15. Divergent Paths: Rezzer Edition

    I think i will try yan lo with his new retainer buddy, sun quiang (?), from ten thunders. That should be at least 4 inch from sun every turn...