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  1. unti

    Sebastian induction

    Thank you very much!
  2. unti

    Sebastian induction

    So i do understand both oppinions, thats why i asked... in our group we cant decide on how to play it...
  3. Hey, sadly i did not find an answer to this question: when i prevent 1 damage in Sebastians induction aura, do i still suffer the other 2 damage or do i suffer no damage? Thanks
  4. unti

    Can't Start encounters?

    So, i bought the APP and sadly i cant press the create encounter button ( same with the create Format button) on my HTC u11life. Do you know of any solutions to this problem? THX.
  5. Our Gaming group wants to try some 4 player team games (2vs2). we already tried a 'normal' version, flipping strat and schemes then building crew in the team with two masters and we ruled the teammembers minions as friendly. Now there are some very overpowered combinations out there so the game was dominatet by one team. To solve that problem we thought about some kind of draft or bann modus. That is why i ask for your experience with these kind of games, have you played 2vs 2 games? How did you play? Standard gg2018 or story encounter? How big was the map you played on? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. unti

    What to collect to go with Seamus

    Why would you take a Little gasser? Because of pull my finger, or am i missing something else?
  7. unti

    McMourning with Beast models?

    What do you think about 2 grootslangs? They are fast and hand out poison +2, so they should fit well in mc's crew
  8. unti

    Errata hopes and dreams?

    I would like to see something for crooked men, a change to their shafted aura or something...
  9. unti

    new realeses for December

    Ahh, thx! I didnt see that...
  10. unti

    new realeses for December

    Where do you get that info from?
  11. unti

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    Knowing the enemy scheme markers could be nice but your opponent knowns your upgrade before choosing schemes so he could choose for example frame for murder and you know nothing more than to not kill anything because of not knowing which model the target is Maybe it will be stronger on the table than in my thoughts...
  12. unti

    Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Ressers

    Do i understand mollys upgrade correctly that she can only summon to enemy scheme markers or enemy models and not a mix of markers and models?
  13. unti

    GenCon attendees - any changes?

    I know wrong thread: but is there maybe more information about Molly s new Upgrades?
  14. unti


    I love them as a molly summon, because they have min damage of 3 so its a nice option against single targets.
  15. unti

    How are you using Jaakuna Ubume

    I used her in some funny games in my yan lo crew. He can give her armor and it combines very nice with incoporeal. He is also able to heal her up if she gets low on wounds and with lightning dance you can place whichever model you like next to her