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    I got one of each as well and my Sales Receipt lists that I should have a "Second TTB LTD RPG Fate Deck" and not a regular deck. I don't mind, but thought I'd point that out for others who do.
  2. When will this game be available to non-kickstarters

    I just hope that the "The Fated Alamanac" didn't get printed on the physical book cover.
  3. Awesome Covers

    How about this one? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6KXgjLqSTg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6KXgjLqSTg[/ame]
  4. BTP - Malifaux demo video

    A demo video done by Blue Table Painting [ame] [/ame]
  5. Swamp Bayou Scenery Project

    Excellent work. Love those soulstones bags and the voodoo witch's house is a very cool idea.
  6. How do u paint ur Bad Dreams

    Nathan hates c_l_o_w_n_s. Check here: http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=10313
  7. Tokens/Pokerchips

    The 11.5 gram poker chips I have are 1 9/16"(40mm). More info here - http://www.buypokerchips.com/Articles.asp?ID=117 I think most counters and tokens are 30mm. You can buy some from here - http://www.back2base-ix.com/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=63 You can get 100 30mm MDF bases for $14.00. Another option http://www.litkoaero.com/page/LAI/PROD/MB_CB_30mm/GMB321-100
  8. LJ and Raspy w/ice pillars

    Yeah, they're listed as Crystal, but they're just plastic and are the same as what you used, probably just a different name in a different store. I bought a bag of black and clear ones when Hobby Lobby had them for 50% off. They do that pretty often. I was going to try melting a bunch together for ice pillars when I get a Rasputina crew.
  9. LJ and Raspy w/ice pillars

    Looks like the ice pillars are made with these http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/crystal-dazzlers-525154/ and either drybrushed or sanded on the edges.
  10. Mini-Swamp Terrain Piece

    Excellent work. To cover the center hole on a CD, I either use masking tape on both sides or get some thin plastic film like you'd find on kids toy packages and glue them on.
  11. Rising Powers Reference Cards

    One thing I'd like to see is some kind of date next to the links to now what has been updated when. Whenever I go there I'm not sure what's been updated since the last time I checked so I just download everything again so I don't miss any changes.
  12. V2 replacement cards

    So if the V2 cards are available, can we send in our V1 with SASE and get the V2 replacements for free as stated in the thread below? http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=12069&highlight=stat+cards
  13. Rising Powers Reference Cards

    A quick look through the schemes and I noticed that you have scheme "Twart" instead of "Thwart". I did notice you had "Soulless" spelled correctly where it's incorrect in the book, however. In terrain, you have "Bag of Soulstone" instead of "Bag of Soulstones"
  14. Very nice online color wheel I found

    Haven't seen that one, but I've messed with this. http://kuler.adobe.com/
  15. I'd also recommend reading through the Chronicles(forum, top left links) for awesome background.