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Claw and Fang crew box question


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Hi there,


I'm new to Arcanists and I just grabbed the Claw & Fang crew box and am wondering if it's wise to get a second sabertooth cerberus or razorspine rattler...


A secondary question would be what also compliments this crew box?



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Welcome to your inner beast.


First off, did you read the Marcus sticky? http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/92826-m2e-marcus/


Marcus can really play a wide variety of styles. So, my suggestion is to take a look at the available beasts and pick some things that appeal to you.....to cover certain scenarios.


Objective running......Silurids are really top notch. But K-9 Remains and Guild Hounds are also pretty effective (they also work well for blocking / being annoying). Molemen also fill this role with some tanking too....but their better on your half of the table instead of trying to get to the enemy side. Other than the Silurid (which I only take one of) I find that most of these things work best in pairs (the Guild Hound/K-9 Remain team is a personal favorite lately).


The Blessed of December is a super-Silurid. About the same mobility but has some good hitting power and a self-heal ability.


Waldgeists make excellent tanking models.....I took two for my last Turf War game and they held the center most of the game.


The Malifaux Raptor is another great blocker and can really irritate enemy snipers since you can bury it, then unbury it anywhere on the table....even engaged.


Don't be afraid to include one or two non-beasts. December Acolytes add something Marcus has little of....shooting and handing out slow. Metal Gamin can also be useful for 'tanking' beasts like Cojo to put them up to Df 6. I haven't used the Gunsmith yet, but I assume he wouldn't be bad.


I have two Sabers and two Rattlers, but to be honest I have hardly ever had two of either on the table at once......other players take two of either right away (or transform Myranda into one quickly).


Good luck and feel free to ask for any specifics.

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Everything Dgraz says is spot on.  Molemen and silurids are great cheaper soldiers that have cool mobility tricks.  I also find the acolyte is a great add, a little more expensive, but having the ability to shoot is something missing from most beasts and pulling and slowing someone is great, esp if you can hand them off to Cojo for a deep tissue massage..hehe 

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Thanks for the tips! I picked myself up a pack of guild hounds and pre-ordered the new December Acolyte.


I may still grab another Sabertooth Cerebus or Rattler...but that Rattler was a pain in the ass to put together (and required greenstuff for the gaps) so I'm leaning towards the SC.

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If you have a flat file, take the hood part that slots into the body.....the outside of the 'V' that slots in and file that down some......it's inside, so you'll never see file marks. It only takes a little.......I noticed the gap when I dry-fit it and I filed it..........fit like a glove after that.

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I found alot of success with rogue necromancy. I wld normally hv him walk or double walk up. then Marcus spends a soulstone for mask and aplha him. he activates again and focus-shoots. I did this a few games and this really forces the opponent to come engage RN. coz otherwise he will be a taking at least double positive flip on attack and dmg shots twice.
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