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Trixibelle with Brewmaster


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Not tried it yet, been on a bit of a hiatus from Brewie since the wave 2 masters came out, but Trixie is worth it alone for the ability to cheat initiative. I find I always want Brewie to go 1st to get his aura up.


To address the value of the (0) action, well if you've not got any scheme markers down for her other (0) then it's always worth having a pop if there's a target in range and any additional way to get poison out there is a blessing since the Moon Shinobi are so weak

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Malal speaks the truth.

Trixie is one of the best utility models in the faction.

Brewmaater always wants to go first and her ability to cheat fate is highly useful

As for the poison, it is quite good, but Brewmasters core crew has no problem dishing out poison.

The reasons I take Trixie are the pushes from Gremlin Lure, cheating fate, and her tricksy (0) actions

In Brewmasters crew, it's just plain fun.

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As much as I love her (him?), I think Sammy is superfluous in a Brewie crew. I can't see any upgrades of his Sammy would want to carry and Brewie's not lacking in control. 

I want to try a crew with Trixie, a couple of performers, Mancha and maybe Burt to see if I can maximize Brewie's Control/Tanking, if there's stones spare, maybe Old Major/Gracie with Saddle.


...actually, thinking about it, Sammy could be nice with the Hold their hair back upgrade, frees up Brewies AP for hangover. He puts them on negs, she paralyzes, Manch gets the pin...


still need a better way to get the poison out there though?

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