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Nicodem - what to do


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With the Wave 2 released... and the Asian undead, I wonder the following:


I really like the asian undead models. But when teamed up with the more Victorian look of Nicodem's crew, will this look a bit weird and not right next to each other?


Do I get an Asian version of Nicodem... the 10T undertaker...  Or go the other way and get more Victorian-style models for the Asian undead?



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Nicodem had a preference for Samurai Punk Zombies because of the burial rights of those from the Three Kingdoms means they're buried with their swords.

Adding some Three Kingdom to Nicodem would probably be easiest as you would be changing one model. Painting his suit as patterned silk. Maybe changing the cut of this shirt and suit if you're working on a plastic Nicodem could be an option with some clever greenstuff work.

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I don't really see any of the Models in Nico's crew as Asian. Punk Zombies lean more towards the Punk side than Oriental to me. Yeah they carry Katana but they are also sporting 70's-80's typical punk hair and clothing. Personally I'm going to be sticking with the Victorian theme but I'd be interested in seeing a more Oriental Themed Nico crew.

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