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Official Vassal Demos ???


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Hey everyone !!!


My name is Crissy Dubois and run the Facebook group A Wyrd place.


Some things to look forward to in the near future. Official Vassal Demo's, leagues and hopefully tournaments. (Mostly focusing on DEMO'S :))

(Yes i know there is already a Vassal league and im not trying to step on toes )
The goal is to spread the Vassal love.. Get people playing.. then move on to leagues and tournaments
I will be looking for a team of experienced Henchman who have played Vassal and know it well.
Interested ? Send me a PM and we can talk about it more.
In my efforts to Grow the Wargamers Consortium Forums i will be advertising this here and in all of the Facebook groups.  However linking the event and sign ups to the Malifaux forums on the WGC (which is a extension of A Wyrd Place)
I know some people wont like having to go to another site to sign up but to be honest i need everybody to help support the WGC and this is a great start without taking anything away from A Wyrd Place or the Wyrd forums.
Also our feed  ( Wyrd Place )  moves so quickly that i often lose threads, posts etc..
I will be able to keep things more organized on the WGC forums.

I will be hammering out details and making plans for this until after Adepticon.

Then hopefully my mid April we can throw this plan into action !


questions ?? send me a PM !




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