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Marcus - Hireable beast list?


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Marcus can hire beasts out of faction, does anybody have a hiring list for him?

I've recently picked him back up and I just don't know a lot about his crew options.

So... What can he hire from Wave 1 and now that Wave 2 is finished... What can he get from there? What models should I order from my LGS?

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To kick off, you can't go wrong with the Marcus box and a few molemen.

Pretty much all the beasts are useful for whatever they do. Personally I don't find myself straying far outside the arcanists. I might use the occasional waldgeist, but other than that I generally stay in faction.

Wave 2 adds a bunch of new beasts, but nothing is a must have. I'd start out with the core box and then see what you're lacking once you've played a few games.

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Umm... it's a pretty long list. Basically, everything that looks like an animal that's not a totem or the unreleased gators, and some of the supernatural animals such as rogue necromancy or waldgeists.

Regarding what you should take, I'm not a Marcus player, but if you're just playing arcanists then I'd encourage you stick in faction first (so your other masters could work with those models)

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Wave 1 In Faction:



Sabretooth Cerberus

Razsportine Rattler



Hoarcat Pride

Wave 1 Out-Of-Faction:

Canine Remains ®

Waldgeist (N)

Silurids (N)

Dawn Serpent (T)

Piglet (Gr)

Warpig (Gr)

*I think that's all of them

Wave 2 In Faction:

Malifaux Raptor

Slate Ridge Mauler

Blessed of December

Wave 2 Out-Of-Faction:

Guild Hound (G)

Rogue Necromancy ®

Night Terrors ®

Shikome ®

Spawn Mother (N)

Gupps (N)

The Sow (Gr)

Wild Boar (Gr)

*Again, I think that's all of them

As for what to buy, Marcus is pretty versatile because of his choices, so I'd just sit down with a book/cards and the Wave 2 files. If you've got his new boxset, I think a Molemen blister and maybe a second Sabretooth Cerberus if you're meta prefers 50 SS would be a good place to start. Try proxying some of the options to see how they work for you if your on a limited budget too.

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