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25ss Henchman-led Ressers, Seamus box


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My friend (I swear!) only has the Seamus box. We're going to play a few 25ss games, and he doesn't have enough models in the box to make a Henchman-led crew - he's apparently down by 8-9ss.

Are there any recommendations for a model or two that might work well with Madam Sybelle, and beef his crew up for this?

Bonus points if the model recommendations are also good for his regular Seamus crew. :)


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Rotten Belles are great but typically don't hit too hard, so picking up a model that can dish out some extra damage may be a good start. If you're sticking to wave 1, Punk Zombies might be a good choice (I don't have any experience with them personally but I see them mentioned a lot on the forum). The Hanged might also be an interesting choice for something a little different with extra WP based duels. If you're open to wave 2, Dead Doxies have the Belle characteristic so benefit from Sybelle's abilities that affect those type of models.

Or, since the new sculpts aren't out yet, just pick up the arsenal box and use Seamus as a proxy since they're all on 30mm bases. This way your friend can try different things out and see what works and is fun to use before throwing down for the actual models.

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That's fair! His opponents are primarily Mei Feng Arcanists and McMourning Ressers.

I was looking at the Necropunks and their leap - pretty handy! Bete looks kind of tanky, probably good for him. Is The Hanged a decent hitter? (I'm looking at beta cards since I don't have the book on hand).

I'd rather stick with Wave 1 models for now - rather than complicate things. He's new to the game, as well. :)

I'm leaning towards the Necropunks, as their use is clear and obvious. At the same time, I like the idea of him getting good use out of Lure and beating the crap out of things once they are near.

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Get the Hanged. It's ridiculously good. I use it s ranged support in my Seamus list and it is stupid.

Example. Last night I played against gremlins, who have wretched WP. Ran Seamus up, with upgrade that gives -2 WP to all enemies within 6". Then sniped a gremlin twice with hanged. Goblin died and triggered the horror check for all his buds around him. Thèy all had one WP.....

The Hanged looks frail but will super hard. Get it.

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It does a great job hitting and forcing other player to drop cards. I also took out an ice golem with only one spell from hanged that halves target health and a pew from seamus.

Apologies for spam, I love this model and won half my gàmes.

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