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What is the dish piece in alt. Flesh Construct for?


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On the alternate sculpt for the Flesh Construct there is a dish-like piece attached to the sprue between his legs. While it was in the package, I thought it was part of a backpack like the other sculpt has but when I opened it and was looking it over I realized there was no obvious place to put the thing on his back. Next I thought it was part of the handle of his meathook, like it was a hand guard and you slide the hook through the hole. But there already seems to be a handle on the hook and if I tried to use the dish as I described then it would cover his whole hand. Not only that but if the piece was used that way it would be obvious in the picture and it's not.

None of the pictures I've seen of the assembled model seem to use the dish piece, not even the one in the Wyrd store. Did anyone use this weird dish when they put theirs together and if so, what did they use it for?

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I do believe it's a hat for your fleshly gentleman.

I didn't use it though... i thought it looked a little silly on him.

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of course, i could be wrong and it's a bedpan.. who wouldn't look silly with a bedpan on their head?? ;D

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