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Its highly unlikely that there would be one released before Gencon (Although its not impossible. Their release schedule doesn't seem to take them up to August, so they might have something up their sleeves such as the elusive story pack).

As to what they are going to release this Gencon I have no idea. There has been rumours for about a year and a half that there is going to be a special forces book that either introduces a new set of special forces, or expands the ones we already have. About the only thing I expect is a Friekorps Archiavist.

This book may contain 5 new avatars, or 25 avatars or none.

I wouldn't expect 25 avatars (1 for each master) and a new special force for each faction as that seems too much to fit in 1 book. Mind you the plastic release seems to be faster, so they might plan to release more in a year

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