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Alternate Marcus, Alternate Colour Scheme


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Now my Marcus army is made up of a hell of a lot of brown (it hasn't entirely manifested yet) but I am looking for an alternate look for the entire list for example

Ghostly Shikome

Polar bear Slate Ridge Mauler...

I am considering painting Marcus in the colour of the people from Avatar, Navi? I think thats them.

His alternate more beast like sculpt in my opinion looks alot like them, I would like him to be a centre piece (he is on the tallest scenic base i have), and I want to seperate him from the potential see of fur brown!


Mr. Soulstone

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I painted my night terrors all in blues, It may be in my painting thread in here somewhere. As such i say go for it! off the beaten path schemes can be fun and interesting

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here it is


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