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  1. Shut up and take my money! I think its a great idea, adds a nice perspective to a battle report. Cam.
  2. Oh yeh forgot to congratualte you on your work for the Guild Deck, it looks awesome. You will have a buyer in me for guild, resser and outcast *smug* Cam.
  3. No Schill in there? I would make the viks on one card if they can fit and then schill to replace one of them. As for the cards Student of Conflict/Red and Hodgepodge/Black A freikorpsman/Hannah to replace student in the jacks Cam.
  4. Hi there. If its not too late I wouldn't mind giving it a crack! Cam.
  5. Yeh sure feel free to pm me an offer. also looking for resser Seamus or mourning
  6. Hi guys and gals I and looking to sell or trade some models, I have treasure hunters box set sprew inbuilt or touched brand new guild hounds x4 warden these models together are great to start with Lucas I AM looking to sell or trade particularly for perdita Ortega stuff I have lots of other guild that I may also be willing to part with. pm me Cam cam
  7. Hmm was worried about that! Good to hear about the seperate flames though! Thanks for the speedy reply Cam.
  8. Hi guys and gals I have intentions to use Sue in my crews as a Convict Gunslinger as he suits the Perdita theme and looks better with guild than the original gunslinger! My Question is to anyone who has assembled him. The guitar on his back, 1st, is this a separate piece or when the blister is bought is it attached to his back already! 2nd, if it is separate can it be left off without leaving a weird looking back, like an unsculpted area or slot where the guitar fits? 3rd if it does leave a slot or something could it be touched up with green stuff? Thanks Cam.
  9. Hi DumbLuck Didnt have a response from you by email, but I think its a problem on my end! Regarding proxy models is it ok to use Sue as a convict gunslinger? He looks better in a Guild crew than the actual model, I have both so its not an issue but purely personal preferance! Cam.
  10. Hmm Will have to try some of these things out! DF 10 Perdita sounds hillarious! Thankyou all so far Cam.
  11. Hi Guys Received my Relic Hunters box a couple of days ago and I am absolutely in love with the new models (and plastics in general, VERY IMPRESSED). Sidir is by far my favourite model at the moment, followed closely by the Wastrels. Scanning the forums however it seems that the opinion of Sidir is a little negative! I play Lucas and Perdita so was wondering if anyone knew the best ways to use Sidir in a game regarding SS size, schemes and strategies etc! Any help would be well appreciated Cam.
  12. Hi Guys just now confirming closure of all lots, everything has been successfully sold and sent! Thankyou Cam.
  13. Hello friends Right tonight my companion Mr. Motley ordered the tickets but we then realised that he had not provided an address, is the ticket a theoretical entitiy or physical? Just a check to make sure the order has gone through ok! Cam.
  14. Knowing my luck it will be Marcus themed, having just sold all my animals :'( Cam.
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