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Hollow Waifs and aLevi

Twisted Metal

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Im in the process of testing aLevi in preparation for his very much awaited release and just wanted to double check my understanding with a few things.

1) When aLevi manifests any Hollow Waifs that are in play will remain due to not having the totem status.

2) Waifs will continue to reappear to aLevi when they die because of rule found at the 5th bullet point on page 42 in twisting fates.

3) Although the Waifs will reappear to aLevi their empty being ability is now defunct as per the fourth bullet point.

4) aLevi is a spirit with 1o wounds and reappears to any rider on the board if he actually dies which makes him very resilient. If both aLevi and the waifs die both he and the waifs return during the end close phase meaning I get to choose the order in which they return. This in theory means that aLevi can return to a rider on the other side of the board first and the waifs will follow making them very mobile and just as difficult to get rid of.

Now the question

If everything above is true and they are no longer critical to aLevi's survival and they are an even bigger pain in the @$$ to get rid of can anyone think of any good conniving uses for them?

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First and foremost:

Activation Control

You'll have precious few minions, Waifs give you a chance not to be too hopelessly outactivated :)

hit in CC or try Tap Soul when you can, few chance of doing something usefull.

Put them in CC use them as speed bumps and/or Disengaging strike givers :)

(You have no idea how much Raspie likes to be caught in close combat with a freshly teleported waif ^^)

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