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New Malifaux Breach Bag

Battle Foam

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Hi Malifaux fans,

We are happy to announce that at this years GenCon we will be releasing the new Malifuax Breach Bag. Not only does this bag have 3 times the space that our original Malifaux Bag has but it also comes with wheels. With the growing range of minis for Malifaux we had to create something to carry all that metal goodness.

The new Breach Bag gives you room for Malifaux models, Puppet Wars models, books, cards, tape measures, and anything else you could dream up. The easy to carry design is also airplane friendly so you don't have to worry about checking this bag at the gate.

Follow this link to get your pre-order in today. http://us.battlefoam.com/products/Malifaux-Breach-Bag-Standard-Load-Out.html








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Just so everyone knows you can pick up at Gen-Con but those orders must be placed over the phone.

For anyone ordering the bags via Pre-Order you will have your bag shipped as early as 2 weeks before GenCon so many of you pre-ordering will be able to travel to the con with the bag instead of waiting to pick it up at the show.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Also keep in mind that we do offer the bag empty at a lower cost. Since the bag holds the same style of foam as your current Malifaux bags you can just put those trays into the new bag.

I know many people have 3 and even 4 Malifaux bags so combining all that foam into one bag should make the empty Breach Bag option really cool.

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