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UK Tournaments list

Nephilim Nate

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Hi All,

I realised as much as I would like to I can't make everything and my brain was hurting trying to decide what to go to so I've made this basic list of the Tournaments coming up in the UK this summer.

I though if I found it useful others might, I will just say this was just through a quick check through forum and I'm sorry if I've missed anything or got some data wrong, please correct me here.


Thanks and I guess I will see some of ya here or there.


P.S. made list but still not sure which I can attend

Malifaux Dates.doc

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Hi. I set up a google+ calendar at the end of 2011 which tries to keep track of all Malifaux related events in the UK, including tournaments (with links to details) so try the link in my sig and see if that works for you.

Will see if I can get a sticky in the Events section...

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Calendar sorted, thanks that is a big help. I just couldn't get my head around everything that was happening and realistically could only make one a month so having them on a calendar to view is great. Keep up the good work.

I still can't decided as I want to go to everything :Sad_Puppet1:

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