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Zoraida and Wicked Dolls


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When do you think its worth Zoraida making a Wicked Doll?

Oh and...

If she uses Raven to fly about, I assume she looses her conduit with her Voodoo doll as they are no longer in range of each other. So she would have to summon another Voodoo doll next activation.

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when she has nothing to do with ether of her 1 actions? Good position, and no need for other 1 spells/abilitys ect, or just when you need another model near you i would say, but my understanding is that it is not common ability to use without colodi.

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Sometimes I use Alps and start the game with a couple Wicked Dolls. If you are fighting over an objective and can get a tough enemy model (things with hard to wound) in melee with the Alps, then use Malice with the Wicked Dolls to do two wounds and slow, each Alp deals a wound every time a nearby enemy model gets slow. If there is a secure position near the combat,fly Zoraida over and summon dolls within 6" and sacrifice them ASAP. Keep spamming dolls in and dealing easy wounds. If you want to take it further, use a doppleganger, fly her with Zoraida and then next turn copy her doll ability. Then you will be putting two in per turn and dealing lots of instant wounds.

Alternatively, use Collodi and teleport them to him when he needs more support than his Marionettes. Remember the Wicked Dolls may also heal other dolls and give them poison or Collodi can sac them for SS. I find that it's worth sacrificing summons like that as you don't have to pay for them and the slow and instant wounds are really great.

They can also teleport to Zoraida. If you include heaps of them in your starting crew, you can fly Zoraida into position and teleport them all into enemy DZ or onto objective or whatever!

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