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Malifaux/PW at UK Games Expo - 26/27 May


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UK Games Expo is a great 2 day show featuring a wide range of games (lots of board & card games) and takes place on 26th & 27th May in Birmingham.

I've run Malifaux demos for the last 2 years with Simple Miniature Games, but unfortunately they are not attending this year so I'm going "independant" and have booked a 6ft demo space. This gives enough space for a couple of simultaneous demos, or we could run Puppet Wars on half the table - this would fit in quite well with the other games at the show.

So I need some volunteers to man the table, run demos and talk to potential players. I'm also interested in anyone who can demo Puppet Wars. 2 per day to supplement myself & Oshova would be great. All equipement and figures will be provided.

In return there will be free access to the show and time to look round.

For more details of the show go to: http://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk

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Thanks to Oshova and Leggo for help over the weekend. Despite a slow start we were really busy at times and got a few new converts.

Being next to the Bring & Buy was a pain as it was very busy (but did mean I picked up a couple of bargains).

New venue next year will hopefully give us more space and some air conditioning!

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