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Fort Wayne IN, The Keep, Malifaux World Traveler Achievement League


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I'm pleased to announce a Malifaux League at The Keep in Fort Wayne Indiana. Its an achievement league designed to reward players who experience as much as possible of what Malifaux has to offer. I've attached a copy of the achievement record sheet.

When the record sheet features two columns for check marking your achievements, one will usually be for trying a particular feat, and the second will be for succeeding at it. For example, if a player attempts the Hold Out scheme for the first time, that player would receive one check mark in the first column on the next page. When the player actually achieves that scheme for the first time, he would receive the check mark in the second column. It should be fairly self explanatory once you read the page.

The goal is for the League to be fairy casual and friendly. Players are rewarded for playing and opposing a wide variety of masters, and we encourage players to help one another participate as fully as possible. For example, if a player who owns a Pandora crew and a player who owns a Leveticus crew want to trade crews and play against each other to get the achievement for running the respective crew, we'd encourage them to do so in the spirit of friendly competition.

Malifaux Score Card.pdf

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