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Kirai Box Set - New to Malifaux


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Hello! I am just starting to get into Malifaux, and my first purchases were the Kirai box set, a fate deck, and a rulebook.

First of all, is there anything else I should buy? I am heading over to the shop tomorrow to trade in some of my magic cards to buy paint so I can start painting my crew, but I am wondering if there are any individual guys I should buy to optimize my crew, of if I should just play with exactly what comes in the box set?

Second of all, can anyone give me any advice on playing Kirai? From what I understand, she and her basic crew are very powerful, but I am worried since I am still a noob, I will not be able to fully utilize her potential. Is this true?

Any and all relevant information on this master and her optimal crew would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I'm thinking about getting the Nico Box set next with a couple Canine Remains as crew additions/replacements. Thoughts on this idea? I've heard he is a good one to start out with, but I have also heard he is horribly weak and awful.

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I started playing Kirai in the New Year and have slowly been building up my crew and experience with her.

You will need the Lost Love and a total of 5 Seishin before going any further. I would also recommend 2 Shikome – one is almost essential but I found the second tipped the balance in my favour. A couple of Gaki are essential too as part of Datsue-Ba's summoning tricks. I have also found a couple of Insidious Madness to be very useful indeed as a lot of the combat is against the enemy's Wp not Df and they can give -ve flips, plus they're very quick.

If you get chance read up on my experiences at:


Also have a look at the Pull My Finger Wiki and this blog entry:


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For Nicodem I'd recommend going up to about 6 Mindless Zombies eventually. If you want to be 100% official get one pack of Mindless Zombies for now; if you're a cheapskate like me see if you can get 6 of Mantic's zombies- they look good and are cheaper.

I'd also look at these models:

- Flesh Construct

- Night Terrors (these will work with Kirai too)

- Dead Rider

- Grave Spirit and/or Bete Noire

- Rotten Belles (keep the two you like best and trade the third one)

- Crooked Men (same as the Belles- you will most likely never need three)

I'd proxy these first and see if you like them:

- Necropunks. The Night Terrors seem like they are better overall, but these guys can be decent objective grabbers and harriers. They annoy people, and getting 2 or 3 around someone gives that model Slow until they can get away, which can be nice.

- Canine Remains. They are more McMourning's thing but they can be useful to Nicodem if you run them right (don't ask me how though- I tend to get them killed too quickly).

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Ok, so I found out the guys I play with play 35 point crews. I picked up 1 Clamshell of Gaki and the Lost Love Totem. The shop was sold out of Seishen, and I only have the 1 that the set came with....so I will have to wait until next week to play Kirai.

In the mean time, I picked up the Perdita box set and an individual Austringer. I was told from the guys that played at my shop tonight that Kirai is a bad master to learn with, as her crew is complicated to play with, but indeed very powerful.

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