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Viks Shopping List!


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So unlike some, I really like the new Vik models and am tired of people knowing I'm playing Gremlins when I name Outcasts, so I think it will be time for a new crew! Right now the list of what I plan on buying will be:

Viks alts

Viks avatar


Student of Conflict

I already own a Convict Gunslinger and Von Schill's model.

What I'm considering to pick up as well are:

10 Thunders Brothers



Von Schill box


Anything else I should consider? Has anyone played with the brothers? Would I ever use Friekorpsman/Specialists/Trappers with Viks? The Librarian I imagine is an auto-include in many games, but I am just not sure. Thanks!

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yeah the librarian is great since her healing spell affects both viks at once, however unless von schill is nearby she is very easy to kill and will prob become target number one for your opponents.

the specialist is great against anything with armour or models that like to group up, plus its hard to get rid of in melee, just beware of obey. the trapper is a very good ranged model that can hide very well and the standard korpsmen are 4ss fast significant models so good for objectives and can still put out decent damage.

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My problem with the Librarian is that she's pricey and Vik crews generally don't have enough in the way of numbers to protect her. She's handy, but only at higher point levels. Seconding the call for Trappers due to reasons given.

Seriously, with Viks the first thing on your shopping list should be a brace of eight soulstones. They need every single one to keep alive and them not having a starting cache is part of the reason why I'm not that big on the healer.

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I wonder what's happening to make people pick up Viks this year =D Same with me on Sue, Misaki and the Super Thunders Bros and grabbing Viks (except I'm taking the serious and determined original sculpts, rather than Jedwood's photoshoot alternatives).

Given you can't take Trappers with Sue, is there an alternative for long range shootan?

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Though the original sculpts were not bad at all, I'm much more pleased by the new ones (but am still a big fan of the Battle Thong.) I've had the Ronin, Taelor and Miss Deameanor waiting for a Master to lead them, and with these new sculpts am happy to add the Viks to the mix (all girl gang, fluff rules even if they are crap on the table they'll still be fun for me to play.) Probably add the Female Desperate Merc in there too.

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