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Hello, I'm attempting to use Ratty's great card creator program to make wicked dolls cards of my puppet minis. I downloaded photoshop and everything went fine until I attempted to use the 8th & 9th Layer for the pictures. I can toggle it on/off but can't seem to find the function to upload/change a new pic...

I've searched the forums but either I'm the only one with this difficulty or I'm not using the correct search words.

Could someone point me in the right direction or thread?

Thank you in advance

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What you need to do is to open the picture you want to add in as a separate file, then copy and paste it onto the card creator. It'll come in as a new layer. You can't just import new images in as far as I remember (though I could be wrong and no doubt someone will shout out if I am!) Leave the picture layer on the card blank turned off, and resize your new image to fit into the space.

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