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Lady j w/ mctavish

Mr. Bigglesworth

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Lucius, lady j, mctavish, and student of conflict.

I love mctavish's model and he provides pulse scout. Combine this with a fast lady j, and reinforcement she can not utilize blindfighter. This also deals with lady j's biggest drawback to be reinforced. She can now be places behind that forest. Out of los and charge in without movement penalties. Also throw some dogs in for further list synergy. This us my anti resser crew (minus kirai). I can put lady j within assassination range, and deny counters.

Granted this investment is a lot but both mctavish and student can provide a lot support.

This all theory but just wanted to share idea.

So 35 list would be:

J 8 stones




4 dogs

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3 mercs not an option
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I've not even thought of using McTavish with LJ but this combination seems very interesting, you get the best out of the scout, reinforcements and ignoring LoS, will have to give this combo a go, maybe with 3 death Marshalls instead of the dogs and desp merc just because I love them and use them wherever possible, so something like Lady Justice, McTavish, Lucius, Student, 3 death Marshalls and a cache of 6. But I will give your list with the hounds in a go, especially where I need mobility.

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I prefer marshals to but keep in mind mctavish has a beast obey hence spam dogs. Mctavish sniper range and melee prowess to mean seems like he is worth his points. Scout would be huge with marshals.

Also if mctavish is as good as I think I might replace Lucius with him consider hoe much scout can speed up a whole crew. Lucius can also stay in cover while moving up without losing ground, making him even harder to kill.

Big weakness of crew is wp duels, this would fall to any terror tests.

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I gave mctavish and j together with Lucius and dogs. I ran 2 dogs each time and brought in executioner one game and austringer in 2 games. I got to say the mass scout helped in one game but others the board didn't really have a lot of severe. So this didnt help at all in three games but it could. Mctavish also took up a lot of points ib the crew where i couldnt take more guardsman for Lucius. The question is mctavish worth it?

For scout not so much, but for his other abilities YES, BEST SNIPER IN GAME (if not best a better choice than Hans ;) and better than special force trapper). His sniper range is 24 one shot, 19" for 2 shots, 14" for three, trapper can get close but that is with trigger. Mctavish is only second to rami in sniprr ability, but since he can go in almost any crew, mvtavish wins. His cb is decent, its his speed amd and range of gun. He was great at popping a shot or two then fall back out of retaliation. He could reckless every turn with too much fear. Pair with dogs and he was able to put treasure counter in deployment zone turn 1.

Great utility in a j & Lucius list but not an auto include. I took on outcast and other guild and he was my mvp each game. Though I wouldn't take him against anything that targets wp like neverborn. He us great target to obey for zoradia.

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