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Greeting fellow gamers


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I am usually a general board game players. I love 40k and the whole fluf, but the tabletop miniatures game was kinda repulsive for me. It seemed like a wild slug fest with lots of dice and quite little of tactics which I enjoy so much in other games. Then I found out about Malifaux from a friend whose in my board game gaming group after a session of Chaos in the Old World (great game btw). He got me interested in the game with its cool card mechanic (which I later found out was called the Fate deck!), and most importantly a much more strategic victory conditions than other miniature games. I went to the website and checked things out. I was intrigued, suffice it to say. Now, against my own personal codex (which prevents me from playing miniature games with the same reason I stopped playing magic and other TCG-s) I am thinking to start playing Malifaux. Yep its true, belive it or not :) (yeah yeah we know what else are you doing on this forum? Ah, this children these days...)

Now the question I wanted to ask from you was this: Which master to choose?

I like this things:

I love my game complex. Lots of choices and options. I like to win by my own skill not simply by playing the most op thing (Im watching you Grey Hunters!)

I play to win. Otherwise the game is not fun for me. The fun comes along but I come to the playing field with a mindset to win. Thats how I play all my games. So I would like to play something that actually is competative (dont know if there are some balance issues so omnipresent in most other miniature games).

And the most important question: Do you think this game is for me?


Thanks in advance for your answers and advice.



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Oh yeah some things I forgot to mention:

For now two masters have interested me the most: The Plagued guy and the puppetier. Just simply love their styles and gameplay looks what im looking for.

Im from Croatia, a small country in south-east of Europe. Thats why some sentences maybe dont make grammatical sense as I am not a native speaker.

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well there are definitely some very competitive masters with a very steep learning curve if thats what you're after (hamelin, pandora, even dreamer with all the rules it has, to name a few)

i was the same with miniature games and the whole roll 100s of dice per combat repulsed me in the end. this game is a much different way to play, you can win a game using your tactical acumen without killing a single enemy if you so wish.

i would say find someone to demo it out there (there are plenty of henchmen around the world) and then if you like the game grab yourself a starter box and you can play straight out the box :)

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id say go for hamelin then (the plagued guy)...you cant necessarily play him right out the box (but buy a rat catcher and about another 10rats and you can start playing, but you will have to add to them rats quick as our games get bigger)

i have him and have played him a few times he's a fun master but also very competitive and nice and complex

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Masters with some variety: the Masters (and not the Henchmen) from book two. The all tend to be more complex. Dreamer. Hoffman. Colette. Hamlin. Kirai. The Henchmen are limited in their ability to hire minions... Where the masters have an easier time.

When I first read your post I was going to suggest Colette. She has a lot of variety in her play style and she moves really fast.

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I know a few who play him and bolster undead can be devestating, i just dont find the model nice and i already have a master who sits back and does the job....he sits back and summons zombies...could be a fun master for ou to play,

have a look on this site and you may find a master that suits your needs


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hey, if you drop at the club (like I wrote in the PM) I'll bring all the books os you can read all the stats of all the masters you mentioned. get a demo in as well. what I can tell you is that in our small (but evergrowing) Croatian Malifaux community we have at the moment all the different masters. we have a Lady J, Hoffman, Sonnia, Ramos, (beginings of a) Collette, Seamus, Nicodem, Pandora, Von Schill (ok, he is a henchman not a master per se..) so we sorely miss a Rat Master or a Master of Puppets :D

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