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Nicodems reanimator

Huang Da Wei

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please can someone explained this spell to me, as I am used to casting with mcmourning.

with big M if I want flesh construct it costs me 5 body parts and the rogue necromancy 8.

nico needs a corpse counter equal to the base size which I always thought was 1 for 30mm, 2 for 40mm and 3 for 50.

if so then the flesh construct and rogue effectively cost less and I get to draw a card too.

and when I draw a card what happens if that takes me over the 6 I hold, is that right and when do I throw some away to get back to my 6?

thanks in advance for any replies.

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You are correct on the corpse counter amounts for base size, but the Rogue Necro needs 4 due to 'Difficult to Construct'.

So they do cost less in corpse counters, but each corpse counter is worth 2 body parts, so it is essentially the same. Dunno if i explained that well, if not, just ignore it :P

And you can have over 6 cards in your hand, but you will discard any excess at the beginning of the next turn when you would normally draw more cards.

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so Nico gets smaller based items cheaper, 2 corpse counters instead of 5 body parts for mac with a flesh construct. I suppose the said construct is 'constucted' by mcmourning so costs more, whereas Nico just reannimates what he finds.

I would question who gets them cheaper. McMourning has a lot of other ways to get body parts than off copses. A lot of his abilities give him them just by hitting.

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