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McTavish with Marcus?


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Has anyone tried this combo yet? Any luck? Seems that for 7ss you get a 14" Rifle 1/2/3 shot with critical strike (plus built in ram), and can cast "Wrangle Critter" allowing beasts to make an immediate (1) action or charge.

PLUS his damage flips receive + against any beasts and nightmares. Seems great if to work with Marcus' Feral or finishing off a model after Marcus whacks them with Primal Reaction (if you cant finish him). Seems worth it to me, or is a gunsmith really that much better at 6ss?

I am very new with Marcus (not to Malifaux)nand still searching for ideas/combos. I will be using Marcus in an upcoming two day tournament.

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Beast obey is really nice and he isn't that expensive. I would definitely thinly mctavish would be better shooter. Though he has low wp, something that a Marcus crew generally has.

His casting is low to get off wrangle but a 7 mask is I think the same thing, perdita needs which isn't so bad.

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The only issue is Marcus and McTav will be competing for masks, but I like the combo too (got McTavish mini but haven't tried him yet)

Masks.. For Marcus? I wouldn't worry about it Alpha is so situational and hardly a consistent Mask drain.

As for the OP: I'd certainly recommend McTavish in a Marcus crew - I even feel that he's very well worth it for Gremlin Gunlines, Von Schill and Viktoria, all of whom cannot make use of the Wrangle on their own crews - he's just that versatile, Reckless, good Wk and Wd stats, Scout for friends and a high range weapon. He might even be worth it for others aswell.

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