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Marcus and the Rogue Necromancy!

E.T.A. Hoffman

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Hi Wyrdies,

I am young -not literally young- and new to the Marcus team, but I love monsters and he has a lot of them, so it should be a great relationship.

I am inquiring if anyone has any experience with Marcus and the Rogue Necromancy; what they thought of it, is it a good fight, how they use it?

I love the RN and think he goes pretty great with the crew and it's just fun fluff-wise.

Thanks :D

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Ahh, I see how that could be bad, but I don't usually take those anyway. Though, I'd like to experiment with the Gunsmiths, since they would be cheaper then Freicorps and add some much needed shooting to Marcus.

I've been running the RN with Marcus since it came out, and honestly the Special Forces restriction is the biggest downside. Not only are you losing out on Gunsmiths, but you're also losing Kaeris, which hurts a lot.

The other big issue (the RNs relatively squishiness,) is something you're probably used to if you play Marcus, and at least it has some kind of defensive ability. If you're willing to heal it, it can be reasonably tenacious, but more importantly: it can stay at maximum threat for longer. However, because it doesn't have any actual ability to soak damage (i.e. no Armor, Spirit, etc,) it's very easy to take down for its SS cost, so you have to be really careful with it.

I think the main thing the RN really needs to be scary is some way to get a movement boost of some kind. As is, I find that I have to hide the RN to keep it safe, which also limits it's ability to project threat. If you can speed it up/move it extra somehow, it's a lot easier to keep it safe while also being able to get it into the game when you need it.

I actually think Hunting Partner is a fantastic buff for the RN - while it isn't as speedy as the Cerberus, it has much better melee weapons, and you could even use it to boost it's Acid Breath attacks if you wanted to. The biggest issue is, of course, that you're relying on a solid Prey pick at the start of the game, which can be tricky. Failing that, I think having a Student nearby to give it Fast would work very well. That way, you'd have the Fast action to get you into charge range/position, then you could charge in and chew the enemy up. Or, double walk, chew, and retreat a bit.

Also: I thought that the RN would be a good redemption model for Myranda, but after trying it a bunch of times I don't feel that's the case. Even with the synergy, you're still ultimately stuck with Myranda, and she kind of ends up babysitting the RN, which lumps your models together. The extra Acid Breath is neat, but ultimately you could have gotten more autonomous (and probably better) ranged support by bringing a Convict Gunslinger, and Myranda's inefficiency at healing holds her back from being an effective Two-Headed warden.

I think that spending those SS on another more aggressive piece makes for a better crew overall. Heck, McTavish would be a better investment for the same cost: he can potentially Wrangle Critter to let the RN move/cast out of activation, and at least he can shoot at things while he's hanging back.

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