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Toddler attacked my puppets :(

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I took my Puppet Wars set to a friends house for an evening of gaming. We quickly discovered the lack of snacks. While I was away purchasing snacks a toddler attacked my puppets (things can never be put too high for a toddler to reach) and now I am missing a lot of my tokens and counters from both my Puppet Wars set and the Multi player expansion set.

Now that the story is told, my question is can I purchase another set of tokens and counters from the two sets?

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My suggestion is actually to order some buttons to take their place. They are really cheap and fit the setting. I know a few of my friends have replaced their Impassible terrain with wooden buttons because they are easier to tell appart from work benches.

eg 3 sets of these would be enough for 2 sets of Puppet Wars. you need around 15 impassible markers.


Then pick up some coloured plastics for the workbenches.

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@ ratty. Thanks, that's what I was thinking if I couldn't get a new set.

@ pixelante you mean the one not big enough to fit a full set of puppets in? I looked at those and didn't want to buy two of them to transport all my puppets around. I actually had them in an army transport case but toddlers know how to unzip stuff too :(. When they want to play with the toys that daddy and his friends do then they will find a way :-)

Oh well, I was just wanting to get another original set of tokens and counters but it looks like I may have to use buttons.

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