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Site Update and Errata


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Just for those of you who do not go into the announcements section much:

The puppet wars website has been updated.

Along with the update there has been a changes and errata section added.

The changes include:

1) Clarifying the timing of the neglected ability on the rotten belle.

2) Adding No Master to Frog's Legs to fix up a misprint.

3) Clarifying that Pokey Viktoria's Outcast Master ability does not reduce her own AR.

Thanks, and go check it out!

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It might be cool to have a random 'crew' for a tournament. It would make a person play outside of their comfort zone.

I think I would randomize a crew before the tournament and then have the players use a randomized crew for at most one round. Of course I would have the cards, but they would have to proxy their crew for the random crew. I'm not sure if I would do that first or second round. I would require the same crew for later rounds, including multi-player.

That sounds like fun to me. <evil grin>

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