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Avatar of decay - non wyrd miniature


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Warning: I know absolutely nothing about the Avatar book or what Nicodem's model is supposed to look like. You said "Avatar of Decay" and "50mm base", so I am thinking its got to be some kind of big and nasty undead thing. Here we go...

This is great for a bloated, nasty look. Not sure how big this guy is, but Reaper models at $10.00+ tend to be at least large enough for 40mm bases.


This one doesn't look even remotely Stem-Punk-ish, but the model is awesome! Maybe with some modeling attention, it could be made to be more....suitable.


How about a werewolf zombie?


More of a specter look on this one.


This thing is the epitome of decay, although it will need some serious modeling on the base to make it large enough for a 50mm.


Not sure how big this one is either, but its worth a look.


The chainmail puts this one out of place, but tis an awesome piece!


A little Cryx for you PP lovers...


This thing is incredibly cool, but you'll have to pay the price


This might be a bit too mechanical for even Nicodem, but..


Anyway...that's all I got. There's a ton of stuff out there. Hope I helped.

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Thanks. Fluff wise it should be a Nicodem like modell on a palanquin carried by mindless zombies.

Ahh...I see. Well, that pretty much crosses all of my suggestions off the list. Sorry.


tho, i'd look for a different model on top...



and get a pack o' gw skeletons to carry it...

I like Mr. Swigs' suggestions, but I must opt for the Charon model as my personal fave. That thing is awesome! Nice finds, man.

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