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Space Marine Conversion Questions - Bits

Irish Rebel

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I know many of you aren't fans of GW, however, I can't resist a good conversion project and was hoping for some help finding specific bits for my latest project - creating the main characters from the Night Lords books Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver by Aaron Dembski Bowden.

Aside from Forgeworld, as I don't want to break the bank and wait a month for my bits, where can I find a Space Marine leg set with a bionic leg? The Iron Hands kit has one, but as I only need the one leg, it isn't work thr 40$.

Or maybe someone has one to sell/trade. Possibly an idea/tutorial on how to convert one?

Also, does anyone know if there are any IG heads with a bionic eye? I've checked all over bits sites but haven't had any luck. And again, if someone has a tutorial on how to convert one, or has one, let me know:)



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Forge World do HQ SM conversion set that doesn't break the bank, here's a link to it:


Bits & Kits have also been known to get this set in stock and sell it as individual parts, no idea when if they have it in stock (or even if they still stock it) though.

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GW sells a set of I-Guard heads from their website. Go to the bitz button under 40K armies and then click on miscellaneous. The kit has 10 heads and three have bionics. 8 bucks. Also, thewarstore.com sells a line of faux-40k marine stuff from several manufacturers. Some of those kits might help you

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at one point, I was considering converting a perdita avatar, using a space marine.

she'd have SM power armor, be holding 3 guns bigger than she is, and riding a t-rex with chainsaw hands.

basically what she'd be if GW produced Malifaux

for the record, in w40k, my main armies are dark eldar and orks

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