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My Try A New Game Awareness Video


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Hey guys,

I've been busy on YouTube again, this time making a video challenging people's awareness of other games. For people who think that Warhammer is the only system that exists (and they are the majority of paying gamers still) and that is why I wanted to get people's awareness out there, for other games just like Malifaux and the rest.

If this video strikes a good chord with you and you agree with what I'm saying, please pass it on to anyone who you think could benefit from it as well.


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Thanks Nathan Caroland for getting back to me on this video. I did indeed take you up on that offer and put the video on here.

Glad you liked the sentiment of what I'm trying to achieve Sir.

As I mention in the video itself, Malifaux is the game I am currently playing as my "alternative".

And it has been an endearing system that keeps me smiling.

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Nice video but I have a few thoughts and comments I'd like to add in reply.

GW has a lot less than a 90% hold on the miniature wargaming market. The majority of miniature wargaming is traditional historicals. However, if you meant 90% of the fantasy miniature wargaming market then Id be likely to agree, though that hold is slipping with companies like Wyrd, Privateer, Black Scorpion, Mantic and others creeping up and starting to steal their market share. Yes, GW did their own Historicals, but almost all Historical gamers do not use those rules, instead opting for more traditional rules sets.

Diceless gaming is not a new concept either, historicals have been using decks of cards instead of dice since the 70s. While that format did fall out of favour for a long period, it did return in the 90s during the Internet Boom with free to download quick start/quick play rules.

As foir them being a titan of the industry since 1975, back then they were tiny and it was only getting the UK distribution license for D&D that saved them and when TSR opened their own UK headquarters and started to distribute their own products, GW almost went under. It was them opening up to support various lines, bringing out their own games and making some very desperate moves that kept them going. When they stopped things like WHRP the first time round, cancelled things like Judge Dredd, Doctor Who and discontinued support of other games in WD they also took a giant nose dive and only some serious plugging and expansion of their main systems at the time (WFB, 40k, Bloodbowl, Adeptus Titanicus, AHQ, Dark Future) kept them afloat. They weren't a giant until the massive growth spurt in the mid 1990s after struggling for almost half of their 20 year history up to that point. They appeared to be doing well, but they were only a minor player until after the Kirby Boxes started to appear ;)

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